The pink food system

 food systemThe raw food or live food is based on the expenditure of foods mostly raw and without any cooking, very low in calories, and they allow you to live longer and in good health.

Adherents of this raw food regime argue that cookery food destroys more than 40 enzymes that aid digestion. For raw food, the goal through food, is to eliminate the accumulated waste in the body and stop certain diseases such as arthritis, or cancer. Continue reading “The pink food system”

Stop the formless meals for weight control

control foodLife accelerate, and meals-coffee and full breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, or a piece of pizza in the evening watching TV. Ultimately the power is fairly unstructured, however, respect the rhythms of food is the first rule to be followed to maintain a power balance and better weight control.

You should not skip meals, and to eat at a fixed time, taking time. These are the basic keys to a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. Continue reading “Stop the formless meals for weight control”

Three important foods in the diet

Weight loseWhat to lose weight but do not know how? It important to have a list of foods that are known for not serving in any diet, foods that make your metabolism moving, helps you lose more calories than you strength imagine.

Cinnamon is a spice used since ancient times to give a particular flavor to food and beverages. You can add the magic ingredient in everything from cereal yogurt. Continue reading “Three important foods in the diet”

A natural fat burning food

 fat burning foodThe best way to prepare it and how much you should eat to get maximum benefit from this great diet food, considered one of the incredible fat burning foods of nature. Commonly known as tofu, or bean curd, is also considered as the perfect food. The tofu has been called also Asia cheese. This food is achieved by grinding soybeans until they are cooked milk. Subsequently was added to soy milk based coagulant calcium sulfate so that it becomes solid. Tofu is a food that does well in all kinds of dishes, since it does not taste too strong.

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Special Registration food

Diet TipsAccording to experts, when it comes to establishing a clear diagnosis of the night eating syndrome requires that food intake after dinner was at least half of the daily energy intake.

The way to know as precisely as this information is that the person write down everything you eat throughout the day, which in clinical nutrition technique called food log or “24-hour recall.” Continue reading “Special Registration food”

Food key to a healthy diet

Foods are rich in beta carotene. The arytenoids are precursors of vitamin A, that is, once ingested, your body turns into vitamin A. the

Vitamin A help fabric antibodies to prevent infection and protect the airways, helps the proper maintenance of bones, skin or eye, eater other…

In addition both the pumpkin and carrots are foods that help you lose weight because we provide very few calories.

Tip: It is very healthy be a natural juice, preferably in the morning and in oil to prevent loss of nutrients in the cooking process. Continue reading “Food key to a healthy diet”

The Best Food for Lose Weight

Weight loseWhat you consume plays a key role in your success in weight loss, so you can start determining eat healthier as often as possible. Step followed, I will mention you food for weight loss that can help significantly with your efforts.

i) Oatmeal
Oatmeal is popular be very good for the heart, and consume lots of oats can truly help you have a healthier heart than usual. In addition to its effectiveness in the heart … Continue reading “The Best Food for Lose Weight”

Fitness diet involves a five-single food

SlimExecriseWhen calories on average about 1400-1800 calories a day, such a diet provides a safe weight loss. Approximate fitness diet is low in fat, more carbohydrates and protein. In A diet, you need to drink up to 2 liters of fluid a day. Even if your weight on the scale increases, do not worry, you’re losing fat and type muscles.

Rely entirely on the scale is not worth it. The main thing is how you look, look in the mirror, and changes can be judged by the clothes. If you can not eat a diet strictly, try to count calorie intake and choose the menu according to the table calories, trying to eat less fatty foods. If possible, do not do too much interruption in power, they contribute to fat deposits!
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Food after Exercise

FitnessThere is a need to immediately after exercise, preferably in the first 20 minutes. If you abstain from food for 2 hours after the end of training, the training makes no sense – as a result NOTHING trains, some will burn fat and all, but the increase in strength, muscle density, symmetry and metabolic rate will be.

In the first 20 minutes after a workout in the body open the so-called post-exercise window for the consumption of protein and carbohydrate, not fat. All that will be eaten at this time, will go to muscle recovery and muscle growth, not a single calorie of food will not go to fat. This is very important.
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Color Food for Weight Lose

weight lose fruitsBeaming ensign of fruits and vegetables, system of created things have given a conception. For the tint of tomatoes or lettuce “answerable” biologically in action substances of vegetable spring, the so-called photochemical. These are the same antioxidants, but much more potent.

They screen cells from DNA mischief of system of created things and thus preserve the cancer cells from degeneration. In joining, antioxidants bar the fiery advance in the material part. The beaming tint of many fruits and vegetables – a caution that within them lies a potent weapon against many diseases.
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