How to get a Flat Stomach

How to get a Flat BellyIf you want to have a flat stomach, you should not only do sit-ups, but also know our nutrition tips. This is how it works with the defined body center. Regardless of the theory, it is not rocket science to program the body lean. With a few practical tips for everyday life, you can align your diet to the flat stomach.
It’s less about consuming cooking than smart planning and shopping. We tell you the 8 best nutrition tips for a slim stomach and a tight waist Continue reading “How to get a Flat Stomach”

Get a Flat Belly Reducing Stress

Flat Belly Today I come with a very interesting post that will help you get a flat stomach by reducing stress levels. To get a flat stomach, in addition to a proper diet in which you must make 5 meals a day, take at least two servings of vegetables, a piece of protein in each meal, three pieces of fruit, whole grains and drink plenty of water;

It is also advisable to practice sports on a regular basis. You already know that I always advise combining aerobic exercises with strength exercises with machines in the gym. With all this, you should start to notice improvements and see that your belly is shrinking. If after all this, you see that you still do not get a flat stomach, it can be due to two more reasons: Continue reading “Get a Flat Belly Reducing Stress”

Flat Belly Diet

Slim Belly dietThis diet is geared for people who want to lose about 5 cm per month waist and feel bloated, or even for those who are tired of dieting and keep track of your abdomen .

We should add, that this regime should be combined with some form of  aerobic exercise  and if not, at least you have to walk an hour a day.

You can combine diet with some  cleansing teas  as horsetail, which mobilizes the urine or dandelion purifies and laxative. You can also combine horsetail and fennel, these two herbs will be your new partner if you have fluid retention. Continue reading “Flat Belly Diet”

Diet for a Flat Belly

belly fitnessIf your goal is to have a flat stomach, it is inevitable to consider feeding you wear. Thousands of people want to have a fat belly and well toned, but most fail in the attempt because they watch your diet. While they make 2 hours a day of gym or run 5 miles a day, it is useless if the diet is based on junk leads or foods that help to burn abdominal fat.

 It is crucial that you design a good diet can allow you to burn more fat and more calories in order to get that flat stomach in less time.

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The Swedish Diet

DietThe Swedish Diet is a unique way to lose weight on a balanced, well appropriate diet, moreover, very quickly one week you can lose out by seven pounds, and that’s without hunger and other troubles. However, the method is not good for thin persons, which weigh about 50 kg, and for women weighing more than 65-70 kg.
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