Lose 4.5kg without Starving for a Week!

dietThere are many ways to lose weight quickly, but most of them will leave you very hungry, and without the willpower of steel, you will often give up your weight loss plan very quickly.

Vogue has sorted out 3 weight loss points, and used scientific methods to successfully lose weight quickly! Continue reading “Lose 4.5kg without Starving for a Week!”

How to Maintain Long-Term Fitness?

Losing WeightAlthough everyone understands the benefits of fitness, it is not a simple matter to persevere, so you have to use appropriate methods to make yourself persevere.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time to find your favorite sports and stick to it. This has always been a subject of research by scientists. If you are a couch potato who is too lazy to move all day long, expending great efforts to explain to you the benefits of fitness will only make you hate exercise even more. In fact, in daily life, you have far more opportunities to exercise than you think, but you haven’t realized it yet. Continue reading “How to Maintain Long-Term Fitness?”

Fitness, Be Careful Of Injuries

ExerciseMuscle cramps

Muscle cramps are commonly known as cramps, and some fast-paced, high-frequency movements are often done in the gym. For example: sports bikes, fighting gymnastics, etc., muscle cramps are prone to occur at this time, and the calf gastronomes is one of the muscles most prone to cramps. Continue reading “Fitness, Be Careful Of Injuries”

Sugary Drinks and Obesity

Lose Weight FastSugary drinks are linked to weight gain and obesity, including in young children. What are the consumption habits of this group when it comes to sugary drinks? And could data on this be a reason for better nutritional policy?

Obesity and the associated health problems are no longer just a problem for adults, children also have to contend with it. Previous research has shown that sugary drinks contribute to undetected weight gain. Continue reading “Sugary Drinks and Obesity”

How Healthy is Yoga Really?

Lose weightAccording to a survey from 2019, around 10% of Germans practice yoga at least occasionally1 – and the trend in recent years has been increasing. The wellness trend from India is said to bring a number of health benefits with it: The promises range from increased ability to concentrate to an improved immune system to better blood circulation, and all kinds of pain should disappear as a result.

But are these claims actually true? What are the real health benefits of yoga? And for which complaints is yoga advisable? Continue reading “How Healthy is Yoga Really?”

All Suffer from Complexes?


Morning exerciseDo we all suffer from complexes?. The term itself has long since found its way into our general linguistic usage. Most of us have heard of the Oedipus complex, the inferiority complex, or the mother complex. But what exactly is meant by complex? How do complexes arise and are they necessarily negative?

What possibilities are there to overcome complexes – and is it even necessary? These and similar questions are answered in the following article. Continue reading “All Suffer from Complexes?”

How much meat do people need?

dietI grew up on a farm. After a happy childhood with lots of space and fresh air, as a teenager I enjoyed eating two chops with red cabbage and mashed potatoes. Meat was seen as a piece of vitality, as the agricultural marketing company at the time made clear to the people.

Pork is also said to be high in B vitamins. I didn’t really care, I was full and satisfied. The pigs were doing very well with us too: They received muesli made from freshly crushed, in-house grain and had enough space to move around freely. And today? Continue reading “How much meat do people need?”

Fitness for Mothers with Children

Do you have a baby, summer is here and you love exercise? Fitness for Mothers with Children Just move your workout outside and take your toddler or baby with you.

Training after pregnancy, no matter how long ago the last unit was, actually only brings advantages: a better body feeling, melting pregnancy kilos and a stronger body. Movement also improves the quality of sleep, which should not be underestimated in everyday life with a baby. Continue reading “Fitness for Mothers with Children”

How Exercise Helps With Depression

Slim,sleepPeople with severe depression can benefit from a targeted exercise program How Exercise Helps With Depression in two ways: on the one hand, it dampens the symptoms of depression, and on the other hand, it improves the plasticity of the brain.

Depression is increasingly becoming a widespread disease: in Germany, almost one in ten people will develop depression in the course of their lives. And the number of people affected continues to rise. Psychological, external and genetic factors are involved in the development of depression. Continue reading “How Exercise Helps With Depression”

Successful and Sustainable Weight Loss


Staying Fit at homeThree decisive factors for successful and sustainable weight loss. We all know that being overweight is not good for our health. However, many weight loss diets are also to be viewed critically and mostly not really sustainable. Based on my own and professional experience, I can clearly state the really decisive factors for sustainable weight loss: Continue reading “Successful and Sustainable Weight Loss”