Basic exercises to keep fit

exerciesGood focus on abdominal while exercising form an essential part of a good workout but you will be using the dorsal muscles & poses.

Tense your abdominal drawing your belly button towards your spine and then lift your head and shoulders slowly and bend your back while you flex more.

Try to stay at least one second in the upper position.Do not go down the Chin, since this could lead to an injury in the upper part of the back.

Exercise side

Lying on the floor of side with straight legs.It uses the forearm that is rested on the floor to raise you laterally until hip has lifted from the ground and the body is in a straight line. Continue reading “Basic exercises to keep fit”

How carbs fit into a healthy diet

 healthy dietCarbohydrates are often excluded from the diet, especially when it comes to weight gain. But not all carbs are bad. Because of their many health benefits, carbohydrates have a legitimate place in our diet. In fact, our body needs carbohydrates to function well. But some carbohydrates are better for the body than others.
Carbohydrates are one of the types of macro nutrients contained in many foods and beverages. Most carbohydrates are found in vegetable products such as grain. Food manufacturers also added carbohydrates into processed foods as starch or sugar. The most simple carbohydrate sugar molecule combines one or two blocks of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Continue reading “How carbs fit into a healthy diet”

Get fit never too late

FitPhysical activity are essential means for the child, as it relates to the construction of knowledge through his body. As we mature, the exercise becomes the background for several reasons, one of the main ones is the false excuse of having many years to start something. However, it is important to rediscover the benefits at every level that gives you regular physical activity in order to be in good shape.

The regular exercise produces many benefits both from the standpoint of cognitive and motor and sociology-emotional.
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Video games keep you fit!

The so-called “active video games” help combat overweight!

So do not kid yourself: your sessions with buddies to FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer will not help you lose belly. And according to a study by the University of Hong Kong published in the journal Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, only those video games that require physical activity is really effective in the fight against obesity. So much so that, as doctors say Mellecker and McManus, study authors, “compared with entertaining games where the person is sitting, the practice of active video games is a significant increase in energy expenditure”. Continue reading “Video games keep you fit!”

Modify your life with keep fit

Modify your life Improve your health
Morning exercise – The best and most effective form of exercise is to implement a 45-minute circuit around the body, three times a week. Where possible, we suggest you train in the morning when the body is full of energy. It is important to eat at least an hour before, to keep the energy level, and you’re always well hydrated. Water should be the first thing you eat in the morning, personal trainer specializing in Nutrition.

Master your anxiety – People who are just starting an activity, often wonder how much it take to show results.
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What should I exercise in my age?

fitnessAge appropriate exercise is a source of health and physical and mental wellbeing. Conduct a sport is essential to keep fit as possible avoiding disease and dysfunction in our bodies. Want to know what is the best you doing?

A balanced diet and some exercise are the best prescription for healthy living. From a simple walk to higher impact sports such as tennis, basketball, paddle tennis, jogging, etc … any sport and aerobic exercise involves putting “up” our hearts, increase the speed of blood circulation and make muscles work setting in motion the various joints.
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Slim and fit without going to the gym and without strict diets

weight lose dietExercise and overeating and uncontrolled, it costs a little back to our usual size, however, with very little effort and in less time than you think, you can regain your fitness and a streamlined silhouette.

To be Slim and fit is the key start moving gradually, avoiding the annoying soreness and making the introduction to the sport so enjoyable and without wasting hours of free time.
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Weight lose and get fit without going to the gym

weight loseGood shape and take care line without following a strict training routine? It is within your reach, if you become aware of how you move your body and take advantage of daily activities to exercise different muscles and joints! No one doubts the benefits to health and physical or mental gymnastics sport regularly, and physical activity on a regular figure in the medical recommendations is made to prevent or improve many ailments.

But lack of time or motivation, or the stressful and hectic pace of life that sometimes leaves some time for leisure; they often go to the gym become little more.
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