The Danger of Fitness for Female Breast

female breastThe news about the dangers of fitness for a female bust scientists said University of Portsmouth. Why, strengthening the cardiovascular system and making shapely legs and toned thighs, women irreparably harm her breasts – it becomes stunted and saggy? Can you avoid this side effect in the fight for your health?

How much noise does advertising campaign female sports underwear, which was represented by a few years ago, Anna Kalashnikov. I remember the posters with the words “Bounce should just balls” she sported a tight-fitting white bra? It turned out, Anna was right – it is a bounce.

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The beauty of the female body

female bodyThe beauty of the female body? It would seem a strange question. This was so much written and said. Are countless poems about the beauty of the female body? in different magazines most beautiful women of the world body is shown in different angles for a hundred times.

The beauty of the female nude for centuries a source of inspiration for artists, sculptors and architects. But the reality is not so simple.
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