Fat Burning – Truth and Myths!

Fat Burning Weight loss hardly any other topic is discussed as often in fitness sports, but also as controversial as the topic of fat burning or losing weight through sport. Although in recent years countless contributions  are published on this subject, still govern on the market partly completely wrong views, even among coaches and even medics! Fundamental facts have been known for decades in sports medicine or sports science, but these have been and are largely misinterpreted or are often deliberately ignored.

Probably the most important fact on the subject at which exercise intensity the fat burning is highest, has been known for decades or explored. Clearly, as shown in the figure below, this is not as always claimed as low as possible (in the so-called fat burning zone, as for example in many endurance training devices in the studio often stated), but at medium intensities in the area around individual aerobic threshold! Continue reading “Fat Burning – Truth and Myths!”