Food with fat burning effect does not exist nutritionally.

The fact that food with fat burning effect does not exist nutritionally. If there are ingredients that you can eat and lose, there will be no joy for those on a diet. It is often the case that various ingredients such as avocado, coconut oil, almonds and strawberry are listed as food ingredients with fat burning effect, and fat burning recipes and fat burning soup are introduced. But unfortunately, there is no food that has a fat burning effect in nutrition.
It’s speculative because it’s not in academic jargon, but it is usually exercised that comes up with the concept of fat burning. By exercising, energy is used, and the energy source is carbohydrate, protein, or lipid. Continue reading “Food with fat burning effect does not exist nutritionally.”

Fat Burning – Truth and Myths!

Fat Burning Weight loss hardly any other topic is discussed as often in fitness sports, but also as controversial as the topic of fat burning or losing weight through sport. Although in recent years countless contributions  are published on this subject, still govern on the market partly completely wrong views, even among coaches and even medics! Fundamental facts have been known for decades in sports medicine or sports science, but these have been and are largely misinterpreted or are often deliberately ignored.

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Fat burning diet

dietDo you have fat accumulated where they should not? It is possible to free yourself of them if you take a balanced diet, combine with exercise and you help with substances called “fat-burning“.

You’ve probably heard that certain foods have fat-burning properties. This theory is based on the theory established by Dr. Neal D. Bernard and possesses the heat effect “negative”, meaning that the body uses more energy to digest than they give it. Continue reading “Fat burning diet”

Wrap for fat burning

wraps bodyHow to lose weight with body wraps. Just note – this is not a panacea, and the position of “I wrap it in a cocoon of healthy mixture and will lose weight watching TV, consuming cakes” to be profitable.

Wrap for fat loss – this is a great addition to your workouts and complex diet that will not only quickly reduce the balance, but also improve the skin, get rid of the ugly “orange peel“. Let’s proceed.
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A natural fat-burning helps you lose weight

fat burningPerhaps you’ve heard of carnation consumption in relation to sport. However, carnation slimming belly possible, if you know how. Carnation is a natural fat-burning helps you lose weight faster. Slimming belly, with the help of carnation.

In principle, you should know that the body normally synthesizes carnitine . However, there are circumstances in which the presence of carnitine in the body is insufficient. This may be deficient in the synthesis, by poor absorption or other metabolic factors.
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The fat burning zone

Fat BurnThe best way to end the kilos that exceed us in the gym: HIIT, cardio, weights … One of the methods that exist to optimize our training for this purpose is to stay in the fat burning zone to exercise. But how do we stay there and what exactly happens in this area?

The fat burning zone is between 60% and 70% of our maximum heart rate (MHR = 220 – age in boys; 226 – age in girls). This is the range in which the body uses fat as fuel, without going into the dreaded muscle catabolism.
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Fat Burning Exercises for Breast

Exercises for BreastFull size Exercises for Breast have usually been seen as a positive physical prettiness. However, women who have surplus fat in this area may experience back pain and shame, especially if they are sagging breasts.
The breast tissue is fatty tissue accumulates as fat in the body. To get rid of chest fat, you need to do Cardiod workouts, resistance training and follow a clean diet. There are plenty of exercises targeting the chest muscles to help firm, lift and burn fat from the breasts.
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