Famous Italian diet

Italian foodEverybody knows that the basis of the diet of Italians are delicious, hearty spaghetti with cheese, meat and a many type of sauces, ravioli and, of course, delicious pizza. On top of the Italians derive famous pleasure from both the cooking and on its use. Why, then, Italians are slim? Continue reading “Famous Italian diet”

The Swedish Diet

DietThe Swedish Diet is a unique way to lose weight on a balanced, well appropriate diet, moreover, very quickly one week you can lose out by seven pounds, and that’s without hunger and other troubles. However, the method is not good for thin persons, which weigh about 50 kg, and for women weighing more than 65-70 kg.
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The 10 healthy famous diets for slim

Weight loseA diet becomes popular through the testimony of famous people who make these healthy diets to lose weight and get very good results. The 10 healthy diets for weight loss, that are within the group of the most famous are:
1) Fat Burning Soup Diet: This diet is based on the daily consumption of a soup made ​​from peppers, tomatoes, celery, and onion and promises to cleanse the body and lose weight fast. Continue reading “The 10 healthy famous diets for slim”

The famous diet infusions hunger will not kill you

DietGreen coffee, the compound is fashionable to eliminate the extra kilos Chileans classified according to their feeding habits. Which do you identify with? Four reasons not to eat in just 10 minutes The famous diet infusions hunger will not kill you Would you eat only soup for weight loss? The fad diet given by dietician 1/10 >

The Diet of Mergers caters to those who have the habit of drinking healthy liquids. His secret is to occupy the active ingredients of fruits, vegetables and herbs to make tea hot or cold, with the main objective of helping you lose weight and fat deposits.
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How Can I Lose Weight

Lose WeightLosing weight? What happens to us that we are never satisfied with what they weigh or how we look? This constant search for the perfect silhouette and shape us to find a thousand ways to reduce our weight and look at the numbers balance which ideally should appear here!

We see fashion shows, to Hollywood stars and other famous women that look sleek and spectacular and we want to look like. Gradually over time, fashion and film we have created standards of beauty to which all women aspire to reach. These standards are mainly based on the thinness of the female body and slim silhouette to which is doing well any dress or clothing worn over it. Continue reading “How Can I Lose Weight”