Mask face burn fat

 burn fatBirthplace of several beauty products like makeup, shape wear girdles and stockings, creams, hair straighteners, etc. But among those cosmetic products also highlights some unusual items like cookies that promise breast enhancement, bumper open eyelids,

One of the latest beauty products that have come out of Japan is the COGIT Sauna Burn Fat Mask that reduces fat face through a mask that generates the face transpire to lose excess water, and then massage the face to further reduce the fat zone.
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How Face Slimming?

SlimmingFace slimming exercises should be supplemented with a healthy diet, and in addition to consistent and regular activity in your program so you can get better results.

For thin face, practice the following exercises:
A) The most classic exercise involves pressing the tip of the tongue against the roof of the palate and keep it down for 7-10 seconds, you should feel the muscles that are between the chin and neck slides up and starts to run out by tension, repeat 10 times daily.
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