A few extra pounds just one a good swim

Fitness for swimWhat is swim? Swimming is an ideal workout. It does not cause static loads and very gentle on the joints. Forces to work many muscles and strengthens the cardiovascular, lymphatic and autonomic system.

Stimulates the exchange of gases in the lungs and improves immunity. Which is very nice, replaces massage parlors, especially in the case of sea water with its high concentration of natural salts. But most importantly – swimming suits to lose weight and get in a lot of fun.
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Want to Lose those Extra Pounds?

Jose FernandezCoach Jose Fernandez recommended that you follow the diet and exercise to start losing weight. If you plan to lose 25, 50 or 100 pounds is not a matter of a few days, you’re right, then neither of you increased from one day to another. What you do is tripartite small goals to lose slowly.

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