The Mediterranean diet to lose kilos

diet to lose kilosMediterranean diet is considered World Heritage by UNESCO, this is because it is a balanced diet consisting of healthy foods that reduces various risk factors such as being overweight.

Weight loss depends on several factors: body’s response, physical activity, dietary compliance, etc.. It is estimated that the Mediterranean diet can reduce about 500 grams to 1 kilogram per week, mainly when it starts to do it.
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Exercises to slim the extra kilos

Slim DietDiet to lose weight you’re probably doing a routine exercise to lose those kilos difficult, as a complement.
If not, go for it, do not stop and start now!

When we are in the weight loss program, at first went down faster weight, this is because there is a greater increase fluid loss, then comes what is called “plateau”, ie a period start decreasing costs weight, and feel that we stagnate. This is the time to start performing exercises to lose weight.
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The strange and dangerous forms of the famous … To lose weight!

Celebrities for having a spectacular physique means that in many cases, losing weight becomes his only goal and, to get all sorts of methods used to remove those extra kilos that bother them both: operations aesthetics, body treatments … and above all, rare and unusual diets.

Despite having the possibility of going to the best doctors to follow the appropriate diet and hire a personal trainer that will help to tone and strengthen your muscles, many famous opt for their own “home methods” of weight loss. These diets , if they can name so much attention as they call themselves celebrities, but careful, do not be blinded by the brightness of his fame, as most of them are really dangerous.
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Eat well and say goodbye to the extra kilos without dieting

dietingA healthy and balanced diet is essential to prevent disease, increase your energy levels and avoid the extra kilos. Discover the keys to a balanced diet!

The first step in starting a healthier diet is to know the essence of the concept of ” diet balanced, “which is simply to give your body the nutrients it needs, both in variety and quantity, according to your individual physical requirements and conditions, such as sex or age.
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The Best Time for Exercise

 loss exercise,Weight lossDown those extra kilos will not happen if you cheat and wait for a miracle. If you really want to lose weight, you must work and strive.

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