Lose weight while having fun

lose weightDaki recommends their best tricks to lose weight with desire

The new column of Susana Dakidissa goes over an issue that is going to be of much interest: how to lose weight doing fun things. Does not sound anything evil, right? Then be sure to read the note.

Ejercicios 1 Are you of that supremely bored when they do Continue reading “Lose weight while having fun”

How to lose weight dancing

lose weightAre you always looking You Tube videos looking for the best exercises to lose weight? You probably know Susana Davidic, then. This instructor takes twice a week throughout the virtual community videos the best of his repertoire. In this exclusive interview, you will see it share with you their best fitness tips to make you look flawless.

If you’re regular Viewer videos for fitness and exercise to lose weight, you surely know well to Susana Dakidissa. This former instructor is all a specialist in routines, lose weight dancing and such activities as necessary are when you want to lose weight. His fame in the network is increasingly on the rise. And the reason is in sight: Susana shares at least twice a week all her secrets to look a well molded figure and to be healthy and well. This interview will surely you will be very interesting, since here he reveals his best tricks so that you can be in the best possible way. Continue reading “How to lose weight dancing”

Can you lose weight with the pedometer

lose weightDoes this distance measuring device

You’ve used or know someone who has used the pedometer? This instrument of measuring steps can help you lose weight. But, how? That’s what you can find out by reading this article.

The pedometer is a small device, the size of a digital clock and which can be very useful when it comes to losing weight. Why? Do you work more body? Not directly. Do you have some miraculous secrets? For nothing. But better read this article and find out why you can give a hand to lose weight.

What is the pedometer

It is a small which acts recognizing the impacts that makes the plant of the foot on the floor, so counting the number of steps you take per day. Just that, something like a device that takes the statistics of what they’ve walked throughout the day. Continue reading “Can you lose weight with the pedometer”

Physical activity as a complement to surgery to lose weight

lose weightIf you’re thinking about Bariatric Surgery as a solution for weight loss, you may wonder if it is necessary or not exercise before and after such surgery, as a complement to such treatment.

Many believe that surgery for weight loss alone may be enough to solve the problem of being overweight, but it is necessary to make a comprehensive treatment for all the potential of these surgeries. For this reason, it is important to answer all the concerns and establish whether physical activity serves or not as complement to such surgical intervention.

Is it necessary to exercise before and after Bariatric Surgery

Exercise before surgery is a very important pillar, it is necessary to lose weight before surgery. To do this, you must perform a special diet and exercise controlled by qualified personnel. Continue reading “Physical activity as a complement to surgery to lose weight”

Discover how to lose weight

lose weightSusana Decides continues to respond to the most common doubts coming to lose weight. In this case, your column is linked to everything that has to do with hernias and the possibility of weight loss, in spite of them. Exercises and also many other things can do to lose weight and be better.

One of the most common queries that normally reach the blog, at least from those related to other collateral problems that must be tackled when it comes to losing weight, has to do with the abdominal hernias. It is not easy to be able to lose weight if you have a hernia; especially if you consider that, for exercise, effort is needed. And they do not enable it.

For this reason, this as a regular query him has become Susana Decides, who not only will recommend exercises and the right way to do them, to reach but will also strengthen the subject with other tips that may be useful if you suffer from some kind of  but if yours is just abdominal and want to be on weight. Continue reading “Discover how to lose weight”

Tips getting back to your weight after Reyes

weight loseSuggestions to overcome the temptations of the holidays

If you feel that the temptation has been more than the will and have eaten more this holiday season, don’t miss these 5 tricks to your weight after Reyes.

The meeting of New Year’s Eve, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve Parties are a large stone in the road for those who need to lose weight or at least controlling their weight.

For this reason, If you feel that the temptation has been stronger your will, you do not feel ill always have time to return to the road and to regain your weight.

So can achieve what you drink 5 easy, simple and practical tips that will help you not to feel guilt for overeating.

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Weight loss

lose weightThe reality that the effectiveness or not to lose weight, it will depend on your metabolism and the context in which to consume this supplement. It is not the same only consume it that makes it into a diet plan more exercise.

Keep in mind that this type of products are mainly tonics, therefore the weight you lose is mostly fluid and not fat.On the other hand, it’s products that pose risks, which can enhance especially if you eat them together.Finally, because it is a purifying treatment there could be a rebound effect.

In my opinion, this type of purifying treatment are only treatments here and now to lose some kilos more, with risks to be considered. They are not useful for weight loss in final form.

Even if you feel that you need to debug your body because you have eaten too much or you feel heavy, you can develop your own Chupa Panza natural remedy. Continue reading “Weight loss”

Lose weight walking

lose weightLarge percentages of the people who live in developed countries want to lose weight, and it is that obesity is one of the major health problems of our generation. However, it needn’t join a gym or to become a great athlete to attain weight loss.

Expert tell us that on foot an hour a day is so beneficial than any other type of exercise or diet – and provides a cheap and natural way to get in shape and lose weight.

However, does need to learn to ride if we want to take advantage of this natural exercise. Here are 10 tips on what you should avoid starting to walk correctly.

1. Footwear: is very important to wear appropriate shoes when we started walking as exercise. The soles must be flexible, must be the correct size and you must change shoes once a year. Continue reading “Lose weight walking”

Tips for a flat stomach

slimIt’s spring, and with it starts the dreaded and hated operation bikini: diet and exercise for three months to show off great guy on the beach.

A problem with which we are and that is quite difficult to remove is the sagging belly, a matter which is necessary to keep under control to look perfect this summer.

It has nothing to do being more or less thin to accumulate fat in this area, as even slimmer women can have tummy. Sometimes swells by fluid retention or stress.

For this reason, we bring you a series of tips to have your gut under control.

Take a glass of water with a little lemon juice every morning since this citric alkalizes the urine and increases their production. Continue reading “Tips for a flat stomach”

Tips to relieve have a flat Abdomen

exerciesOur desire to have a flat abdomen is exploited by traders and manufacturers to disunion medicines and appliances that promise to give us a belly body in just 3 minutes and no effort on our part. ? Would it not be wonderful if the promise were certain?

There so far is no magic solution to make disappear the bulging abdomen.In thin people with abdomen producer-ante solution is exercise for toning the abdominal muscles and a little aerobics

1. Position.

This is very important, walking straight and entered into any abdomen. If you wrong stand and walk with the bulging abdomen you’ll be creating an abdomen ma’s great. Continue reading “Tips to relieve have a flat Abdomen”