Discover How to Lose Weight

lose weightSusana Decides continues to respond to the most common doubts coming to lose weight. In this case, your column is linked to everything that has to do with hernias and the possibility of weight loss, in spite of them. Exercises and also many other things can do to lose weight and be better.

One of the most common queries that normally reach the blog, at least from those related to other collateral problems that must be tackled when it comes to losing weight, has to do with the abdominal hernias. It is not easy to be able to lose weight if you have a hernia; especially if you consider that, for exercise, effort is needed. And they do not enable it.

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Lose weight walking

lose weightLarge percentages of the people who live in developed countries want to lose weight, and it is that obesity is one of the major health problems of our generation. However, it needn’t join a gym or to become a great athlete to attain weight loss.

Expert tell us that on foot an hour a day is so beneficial than any other type of exercise or diet – and provides a cheap and natural way to get in shape and lose weight.

However, does need to learn to ride if we want to take advantage of this natural exercise. Here are 10 tips on what you should avoid starting to walk correctly.

1. Footwear: is very important to wear appropriate shoes when we started walking as exercise. The soles must be flexible, must be the correct size and you must change shoes once a year. Continue reading “Lose weight walking”

Tips for a flat stomach

slimIt’s spring, and with it starts the dreaded and hated operation bikini: diet and exercise for three months to show off great guy on the beach.

A problem with which we are and that is quite difficult to remove is the sagging belly, a matter which is necessary to keep under control to look perfect this summer.

It has nothing to do being more or less thin to accumulate fat in this area, as even slimmer women can have tummy. Sometimes swells by fluid retention or stress.

For this reason, we bring you a series of tips to have your gut under control.

Take a glass of water with a little lemon juice every morning since this citric alkalizes the urine and increases their production. Continue reading “Tips for a flat stomach”

Tips to relieve have a flat Abdomen

exerciesOur desire to have a flat abdomen is exploited by traders and manufacturers to disunion medicines and appliances that promise to give us a belly body in just 3 minutes and no effort on our part. ? Would it not be wonderful if the promise were certain?

There so far is no magic solution to make disappear the bulging abdomen.In thin people with abdomen producer-ante solution is exercise for toning the abdominal muscles and a little aerobics

1. Position.

This is very important, walking straight and entered into any abdomen. If you wrong stand and walk with the bulging abdomen you’ll be creating an abdomen ma’s great. Continue reading “Tips to relieve have a flat Abdomen”

Routine to burn fat

fatProposal for a routine to burn fat:

Now spring is coming and it is time to eliminate the fat that covers and hides your muscles, preparing to show off a hard and firm body during the summer.

On this note, we propose a circuit to sweat shirt and burn fat to the fullest.Toning exercises allow harden muscles and have a firm and defined body.But first, you have to remove the fat with some aerobic or cardiovascular activity.

To get encouraging results, this circuit must have a minimum duration of 30 minutes, which can be extended up to 45 minutes or an hour.

The recommended heart rate frequency should be between 130 and 145 beats per minute and here is when Burns fat more effectively. It is ideal to control the frequency of heart rate with a heart rate monitor. Continue reading “Routine to burn fat”

Tips for losing weight

lose weightWhile it is possible to reduce your calorie intake and increase your exercise regimen to lose weight quickly, it is important to point out that doctors recommend no more than 2 pounds of weight losing a week to make sure that your body adjusts well to weight loss.

Here are some tips to help you safely replace 3500 calories from your regular routine:

Run about 1 hour at a pace slow will help you lose about 350 calories, depending on your body kind, velocity and land. Therefore, if runs for one hour, five days a week, while maintaining the diet consistent and safely lose a pound.

It is important to understand that many people who have just started to exercise will eat pasta and other carbohydrate-rich foods in order to compensate for the effort. Continue reading “Tips for losing weight”

Diet fruit

diet tipsDiet fruit

This diet you should follow it for 5 days, in addition to weight loss is detoxifying and cleansing. It is essential to drink plenty of water and do some kind of physical exercise. Remember that they permitted all the fruits. Both breakfast and lunch eat fruits.

Diets tips

1 day

Lunch: one portion of fish a la panache and two pieces of fruit.

Dinner: 3 slices of cheese, mozzarella and 2 pieces of fruit. Continue reading “Diet fruit”

Lose weight with green tea

lose weightLose weight with you green

The green tea in your daily diet will help you lose weight, regardless of the methods you are using for this purpose, the addition of green tea can significantly increase the amount of weight that is lost, as well as the speed with which you lose.

The keys to achieving a significant fat loss in a short time is to discover the right supplement and complement activities that magnification weight loss, as the advantage of the effects of green tea that has on the body. Continue reading “Lose weight with green tea”

Skating a healthy exercise

exerciesIn the past it looked like a fun reserved for children and adolescents, but skating today represents a large number of benefits for people of any age who decide to start practicing.

This is a fun and enjoyable way to stay online, burning calories, in addition to activating blood circulation and improve endurance helping to improve balance. Continue reading “Skating a healthy exercise”

Material fitness diet

exerciesFitness and abdominal

If you are a fan of the abs, Abdo Gain is ideal for you. It is a kind of bent pad with four pedals. The purpose of the exercise is to maintain certain positions, while the pad is immobilized. This calls for the participation of the muscles, specifically the abdominals and legs.

Being curved pad, it is difficult to keep right: so much power and burns calories . The trick is ergonomics: you can find the ideal position, but not to hurt back. Please practice one minute each morning, in sequences of 10 seconds.

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