How to remove the excess abdominal fat?

abdominalOverweight people and for this motive we wish to speak of the many types of fat in the human body.

In today’s civilization most people is oily, do you think that 51% of Italian population is overweight The idea that we are the people of the abdominal fat is that it is bad but no one cares about the real harms hidden behind.

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Yoga helps to get rid of excess weight

Weight loseYoga combines exercises, meditation and proper breathing.
Regular yoga classes have a beneficial effect on the hormonal and autonomic systems, improve thyroid and normalize metabolism. Yoga helps to get rid of excess weight and find peace of mind.
The main aim of yoga
Success in yoga can make anyone who is able to overcome laziness. Age, height, weight, health status do not matter: a reasonable load and persistent practice solves all problems.
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Three causes of excess weight

excess weightViolation of metabolic factors
Metabolism is the basis of life, it is the most important feature of any living matter. It is in the process of metabolism is the expansion of incoming nutrients to components (amino acids, fatty acids, etc.) and the restructuring of the compounds (similar to how, in examining the details built from Lego one model, for example, an airplane, we building of the same parts completely different, such as a machine), are specific to a given organism and used as a building material and energy.

Thus, of the amino acids in the cell builds it needs specific proteins.And the process of digestion and the process of elimination from the body of the residual reaction products and impurities are constant for a living organism metabolism. It is natural that this process involves all the organs and systems of the body, including the central and autonomic nervous systems.
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