Nine Errors Slimming Ladies

Slim WomenHow many times have we said to ourselves that on Monday…. and more unforeseeable promises, unrecognizable plans? As a result – zero result and one big upset, jam buns and chocolate. And, maybe, you initially wrong approach? Let’s analyze the possible errors.

Mistake number 1 – Empty the refrigerator.
During the diet should be breaking your refrigerator with food. Gather, wash and chop the peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, pears, and grapefruit. You should stock up on low-fat cottage cheese, plain yogurt, boiled lean meat. The list goes on, and if you happen to attack gluttony, at least you shall be filled with the proper food.
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Diet and slimming Errors

Diet and slimmingDiet and weight lose should wisely. Another you will certainly lose a few pounds, but the risk to gain a whole bunch of diseases

Need to lose weight so as not to harm the health.
You made a mistake, if:

• Trying to lose weight with laxatives. If uncontrolled use of these drugs intestine starts to work only on the release. Transit pass proteins, vitamins, trace elements necessary for the brain, liver, heart and kidneys.
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15 errors weighty

Discover 15 gaffes slip us as absolute truths.

  • Error 01 – The potatoes are fattening. They have a 75-80% water, the rest is carbohydrate provides only 85 kcal. per 100 g therefore not hyper caloric.
  • Error 02 – Vegetables do not have any protein or fat. They have few calories, but the amount of protein is acceptable.
  • Error 03 – Combining vegetable protein quality are obtained. Vegetable proteins do not contain all essential amino acids. Vegetarians try to combine the various plant types to provide these amino acids. Continue reading “15 errors weighty”

Common Errors in diets

Errors in dietsGetting weight lose dieting but you see that the scale does not move or if you believe that the regime is working for you despite your good intentions you might be making a mistake easy to fix. If you want your efforts will lead to weight loss you discover the most common mistakes to try to avoid and to achieve your perfect diet.

Eating foods that trick: Containers reporting on products such as shakes or bars are convenient but are of little long-term. There are other more healthy foods with the same or fewer calories as yogurt.
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Last 40 errors in 100 errors in food

errors food How Can I Lose Weight Fast61 All that is eaten before 8 am is not fattening as we gain weight. The body 62 can produce any type of amino acid. The human body can synthesize certain amino acids at the expense of other nitrogen compounds, but is not able to synthesize essential amino acids.

63 The vegetarian diet contains all the necessary nutrients. The more limited the variety of food the greater the possibility that hazardous to health.

64 A pregnant woman should eat for two. Overfeeding should be avoided because it does not benefit the mother or fetus. We must change to eat more to eat better.
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Seconds 30 errors in 100 errors in food

food problems31 It is preferable to margarine to butter. Butter is a more natural product than margarine (containing dyes, salt …).

32 All the margarines are vegetable. Margarines contain varying amounts of animal fat (tallow, butter …) and / or vegetable oil (soybean, sunflower …).

33 The refined olive oil is worse than virgin olive oil. You can vary the flavor, texture and acidity, but the substances that exert a beneficial effect on health is in both.
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