Rebound effect to lose weight

Diet TipsThe human body is a wonderfully Rebound effect to lose weight machine that has been refined for thousands of years, adapting to the needs of each period, works every minute to survive in adversity of the environment.

 The patient developed power saving mechanisms, because the food was not available at all times, with frequent periods of famine in the past. Each time a person starts a diet low in calories, the genetic memory kicks in and the situation is interpreted by the body as the body responds to these situations with defense actions, start saving energy and makes one of two ways: Continue reading “Rebound effect to lose weight”

Pills that cause a diuretic body effect

Pills effectPills called diuretics the steppes of weight loss. Thanks to them, the body loses excess fluid (water and dissolved salts), and you joyfully celebrate reducing weight by 1-2 pounds. But remember, they take the water, but not fat, so the weight immediately returns to its original position in just a day.
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