Lose Weight Tips to Avoid Overeating when Eating out

Lose Weight As eating out is part of our society, the trouble is that we tend to overeat when eating at restaurants. In fact studies show that people consume about 230 extra calories a day eating out, which should not especially if you’re watching your weight.

As it is not feasible to simply advise people not to eat out, and neither is, say that only eat low-calorie options, because people do not go out to eat steamed vegetables, but go out to eat something that does not eat at home.

For this reason, researchers at the University of Texas at Austin, created a strategy they call conscious eating in restaurants, which is to teach people to pay close attention to what they eat and how they feel, with the goal to be satisfied with smaller portions and stop eating before you feel too full. Continue reading “Lose Weight Tips to Avoid Overeating when Eating out”