Exercise during Menopause

Exercise planAn important stage in the life of every woman is the postmenopausal period. This stage should be alive seen as the beginning of a series of changes that bring psychological level also resulted in convinced changes in physical ability of women, which may have some impact on the quality of life.

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Physical activity during magnetic storms

Physical activity during magnetic storms is better to reduce But between magnetic storms useful to do exercises to improve blood circulation and metabolism, strengthen the nervous system. In the evening, follow this complex both between and during magnetic storms, but in the days of flares breathing during exercise is even slower and quieter than usual days.

• Initial position standing, hands on hips. Take a slow, moderately deep breath, sucking with the stomach. Exhale sharply and strongly.

 • Start out same. Exhale sharply and strongly, as plunging stomach, hold your breath for 6-8 seconds. Breathe freely relax the muscles of the abdominal cavity.

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Watch your weight during pregnancy high-fat

pregnancy high-fatWe have exposed a new link between sleep and fatness suggests that what the mother ate during pregnancy can lead to obesity or overweight by altering the meaning of genes that regulate circadian rhythm.

Circadian rhythm is biological rhythms or oscillations of biological variables at regular intervals. Interestingly, all animals, plants and all organisms probably show some variation rhythmic physiological (metabolic rate, heat production, flowering, etc.). Usually connected with environmental change rhythm.
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