Most dubious diet of all time

dubious dietWeights lose quickly and with minimal effort mankind invents a varied diet for centuries. And I must say that not all of them were successful. Quite the contrary – many people are not successful, otherwise the problem of excess weight was not so acute. I tried to select the most, in my opinion, dangerous and bizarre diets that can, and can help you lose weight, but only in ways that are either little to implement or certainly lead you to a hospital bed.

1. Candy diet. Philosophical truth: if the diet pills look like candy , it’s too good to be true. Such was the case with the candy, suppress appetite, which were popular in America in the 70’s and 80’s of last century. It would seem that a solution against one of the most dangerous figures habits – emotional overeating. Eat candy – and hudey! The dream of losing weight!

Side Effects: Unfortunately, the vast appetite substance in them was, side effect of which was to take part heart attacks even in very young women.

2. Lemonade Diet. Also known as the Lemonade Diet, Master Cleanse was invented in 1976 and became popular again in 2004. The diet requires treatment of the body while losing weight with a special mixture of water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. The mixture should drink 6-12 glasses a day. Beyonce herself took off on this diet for 5 kg, but, as she says in an interview, this diet is to “reduce her crazy and made aggressive.”

Side effects: Maybe this explosive mixture of lemonade and can accelerate weight loss, but you have to sacrifice a large part of his own health and sanity, well, run to the bathroom, of course.

3. Grapefruit Diet. Aka Hollywood diet and the 18-day diet, she appeared already in the 20’s of last century. Basic principles: Lunch and dinner consist of a grapefruit, a piece of lean meat and vegetables. In between – no snacking. In 2004, the diet has regained popularity due to published research by American scientists have concluded that grapefruit enzymes help normalize insulin levels and promote weight loss (Note: The study was sponsored by the Florida Department of Citrus!).

Side effects: While there are grapefruit and useful, grapefruit diet – only 800 calories a day – is unlikely. Not only is grapefruit aggravate gastric diseases, they also react with many medications.

4. Onion diet. “French women do not get fat because they eat a lot of onions.” – Said Mireille Galliano in his book “French women do not get fat.” And recommended to cleanse the body and lose weight with the help of onion stew and onion soup. This diet consisting solely of onions should be followed for 3 days and then gradually introduced into the diet of fish and other products. Her rationale: onion has a mild diuretic, contains fiber and phosphorus, also malokalorien, so use it to lose weight easily and excrete excess water.

Side effects: Well, maybe onions really helpful, but even useful product in a crazy number of ways to do harm. And the very low-calorie diet is too to be healthy, and, quite frankly, well really as much dietary fiber and phosphorus, the body really need?

5. Biscuit diet. Do not kid yourself that the diet was developed by a doctor (Dr. Sanford Siegel, to be precise), does not mean it is healthy. Dr. Siegel cookie contains natural proteins and complex carbohydrates, which suppress appetite: oatmeal , rice, bran, wholegrain flour, but it lacks the other, no less important in the diet, vitamins and minerals. Especially, when you consider that in addition to cookies, which you can eat as much as you are allowed only one full meal, consisting of a piece of fish or turkey and vegetable servings. But even such a diet has its fans in Hollywood, for example, Madonna’s ex-husband Guy Ritchie announced last year that followed this system, and he even managed to lose weight , but not without consequences. Madonna, who was then still in the status of his wife, admitted that being on a diet, her husband is no longer show her sexual interest.

6. Diet “baby food.” Among followers of the diet seen Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Lily Allen. The basis of the diet, invented by designer Heidi Slimane and quickly grew in popularity, the principle of substitution of one or two daily meals baby puree jar (baby the same size).

Side effects: Although a small portion of a natural meat-vegetable mixture is better fast food, but the fact remains that the baby food – is food for babies, not for adults, who, to stay healthy, still need more servings and popitatelney .

7. Diet with parasites. Seems that this diet is gone from the screen of any horror movie. If you’re eating for two, not being pregnant, it may be time to feed someone else? Cope with this task-worm parasite – the developers have decided to diet parasite. Grown inside you worms eats extra food for you and learn the calories.

Side effects: Not only will contribute to inflammatory diseases of the intestinal worms, diarrhea, upset stomach, headaches and nausea, worms lay eggs in the internal organs, which can even lead to death. In addition, there is no obvious evidence that the worms actually help to lose weight, so that all suffering may be in vain.

8. Chewing diet. Chew food well is useful, because it is better absorbed by the body. Poorly chewed food leads to disruption of the digestive tract, and constipation. But the developers of this diet clearly reached the point of absurdity. According to the requirements of the diet, you have to chew each piece of food at least 32 times, which takes about 30 seconds. After chewing a piece, you have to throw back his head and let the chewed mass of the slide into the esophagus. Anything that is too big to be swallowed easily, should be chewed again. So, you start eating less food is well digested and you lose weight.

Side effects: Inflammation jaw forever allotted for meals, blank stares and relatives.

9. Sleeping Beauty Diet. Indisputable truth: you can not eat while you are sleeping. So, sleep all the time and forget about the food – Advice to the Sleeping Beauty Diet. Wanted to eat – once in bed! Can not sleep – have a sedative. They say, Elvis Presley before his death to adhere to this diet.

Side effects: In addition to the fact that fasting can just kill you, excessive sleep, caused by taking sedatives, leads to lethargy, headaches, cardiovascular and psychiatric disorders.

10. Diet with cotton balls. Literally – you eat cotton balls. Some swallow them dry, some first soak them in gelatin. Obviously, the justification diet that cotton straight, and extremely malokalorien syten, so you will not want to transfer. It also contains a lot of fiber, which is supposed to be good for the body. Until you start to realize that this is not the kind of fiber you need.

Side effects: It is very tasteless, dry, and quickly tired of “food.” In addition, the diet leads to a deficiency of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, it also can cause serious digestive problems.

11. Diet “Hallelujah.” Diet restricts consumption of only those that are written in the Bible in the first chapter of Genesis. This is mostly natural, vegetarian, raw food. Fortunately, in the ninth chapter of Genesis the Lord God removes these restrictions, but supporters of the diet shall not accept and follow only the rules of the first chapter. The diet allows cooking on the fire only 15-20% of the food. In addition to the diet are also recommended exercise, rest , sunshine and stress relief. It seems logical that a vacationer, relaxing and consuming a vegetarian diet a person will inevitably lose weight, regardless of whether it is dictated by God or not.

A side effect of this diet food list is limited to asceticism. And like all vegan diet leads to a deficiency of animal protein, which affects not only the general health, but also the condition of the skin and hair and leads to premature aging.

12. Diet “Last Chance.” In 1970, Dr. Roger Lynn came up with his diet, which allowed to use only a special fluid called “Proline” – essentially liquid protein originating from the waste meat slaughterhouses: milled horns, hooves, bones and veins.

Side effects: As the daily calorie intake was only 400 calories extremely inferior substances, the diet really soon became the last for many of its adherents.