How to distribute meals to lose weight in a short time?

Diet ChartThe following may be appropriate to make a diet to lose weight quickly.
• At breakfast, for example if you eat a light yogurt can substitute skim milk and low-fat cheese.
• In mid-morning can consume any fruit can be pear, orange, watermelon, melon, peach, two plums, a cup of strawberries, etc. Also you can substitute fruit vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, celery, low-fat cheese, gelatin light, a handful of dried fruit, a cereal bar or a boiled egg light. Continue reading “How to distribute meals to lose weight in a short time?”

How to distribute the calories?

caloriesYou have to eat every two or three hours throughout the day, this means you should do at least six meals, this is the key to success, maybe even you can eat 4000 calories in two meals, but that does not mean that you digest and use.

Large meals are not a good idea, do you know why?, I’ve tried it and does not work that way, remember for example the Christmas dinner or lunch on that day I gorged on food to the utmost, not I can not move, but believe it or not, total calories and macro nutrients.
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