Salt-free diet used for pregnant women

care diet for womenNearly everyone pregnant women do not be acquainted with the problem firsthand edema during the period of childbearing. Volovicheva diet so intended for various reasons. There is a description of what is happening – the fact that about the twentieth week of pregnancy, the pregnant body begins to build up the more fluid, the additional you drink fluids at the same time as eating salty food. That is, the supplementary salty foods you eat, the supplementary liquid comes out of you.

At first it may become visible Water Diet hidden edema, but afterward be sure to go into the visible swelling. And there is not enough just to limit your fluid intake – no restrictions on salt and salty foods that will not give any results. That is why the only technique out of a disagreeable situation can be only the denunciation of salt, not the imperfect consumption. Continue reading “Salt-free diet used for pregnant women”