Sample a day easy diet to lose weight

lose weightFresh and natural foods will provide all the natural nutrients that your body requires even diet. With them you can make a model of easy diet to lose weight and economical.
• Breakfast: A cup of tea or coffee with skim milk. Two-fat crackers with cheese spread. A fresh fruit.
• Mid Morning: A fresh carrot.
• Lunch: Two glasses of water. Light salad of lentils. A baked apple with light cream. Continue reading “Sample a day easy diet to lose weight”

How many calories needed per day to Slimming?

SlimWomen need per day – from 2100 to 3000 kcal and for men need per day – from 2600 to 3200 kcal. Most of our readers, trying to slimming, ready to cut down the numbers in a few times, if at all, to reduce to zero. So popular now on the onion soup diet involves daily intake of no more than 1,000 calories, the Japanese diet is even less – 700 kcal.

“In fact, to lose weight, do not need to reduce daily calorie intake to less than 1300-1500 calories per day – said Anastasia Pavlovna Pirogov, a specialist in weight correction Clinic Family Medicine” MEDI on Nevsky ”
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