Cycling calories burned

Cycling for slimThe bicycle is the best way to burn calories, if you are not going to get a bike in the near future, to discover that the solution to your problems may lie in it.

In half an hour you will burn 235 calories on average, but of course depends on the shape of your body. Experts indicate that the ideal duration of cycling is one hour. Continue reading “Cycling calories burned”

Example of a cardio routine for the week

Then we will show examples of cardio for the week that combines different ways to train and with different intensities. Combine these routines have alternating and varied training and in turn cash.


Each cardio routine touch you must move in what would be different types of intensity:

Fast Weight Lose: You Must Perform the Proper Exercises

Weight LoseFast weight lose-Every Fatty people who in trying to lose weight, make all kinds of exercises without measure, and not sure he really used to lose weight.

The truth is that the ideal should be a combination of exercises. In a proper routine thinning should include both aerobic exercise (running, jumping, cycling) and strength or anaerobic exercise (lifting weights). The combination of both can produce great results. Continue reading “Fast Weight Lose: You Must Perform the Proper Exercises”