Abdominal fat is not just a cosmetic problem

Avoiding a potbelly is not just a matter of beauty, so is health. In us it is very difficult to have a completely flat belly after puberty, but our goal should not be this. Our body stores fat in this area to protect the embryo during pregnancy. But beware, when the abdomen grows account there are many risks, fat is not healthy and has risks.

That risks are not higher than normal, the waist should not pass (89 cm) in women and (101 cm) in men. Women with more than 89 cm waist are more than twice the risk than women with lower waist.

This must be the goal, and that excess abdominal fat carries risks to our health, such as heart problems, hypertension, contributes to some types of cancers and is associated with diabetes. Continue reading “Abdominal fat is not just a cosmetic problem”