Lost 4 kilos in 4 weeks

These nutrition tips will help you hit the target and lose weight safely.
To lose weight, do not have to be radical. Recent studies by the Lincoln Medical Center NY (USA) show that small changes are more effective in the long term. The secret is to modify our behavior so we get access to our goals without having to make our life hell. Here are some tricks that allow you to give passports to fat, muscle definition and lose weight. Continue reading “Lost 4 kilos in 4 weeks”

Cinnamon helps to lose weight!

Cinnamon dietRegular consumption of tea from this combination will not only reduce weight but reduce the size of the body. Also Honey and cinnamon can help those who want to lose weight this is achieved thanks to the fact that the cinnamon and honey are antiseptics that kill bacteria and parasites. Even people who are obese have been able to because of this tea to lose weight.

To prepare a tea, you will need-Cinnamon (powder) and honey (natural). Cooking tea before bed is best. Value of honey and cinnamon in this case is 2:1.
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