Chicken Meatballs light to diet

meatballMeatballs are delicious and generally likes everyone. But, of course, diet alone is not a situation ripe for eating in its traditional format, let alone diet .

But you can always adapt recipes so everyone can enjoy a meal without having to walk past penalties later. Here then are these delicious chicken meatballs light, suitable from the attack phase on wards.
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Diet Recipes, Stuffed Eggplant

A round of Easter does not want to hear about food from the soup through the toast, all have been excesses, now I need to eat healthy.

I have started to work on recipes for healthy and balanced but they are also rich, and I love a recipe that I find it quite tasty, accustomed to a sad salad or some steamed vegetables, this recipe is different and will bring joy to our diet.

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Diet recipes-Stuffed with chicken

Diet chicken saladDiet cabbages are stuffed with chicken. The method of cooking is very simple, and they are ideal for people who are clearly watching their own weight.

To prepare the cabbage with chicken, you may need: cabbage leaves (10-15 pc), their number depends on the amount of cabbage, which you are going to cook chicken breast (2 pieces), chicken broth (2-3 cups) brown rice (1 / 3 stakana), unsweetened and low-fat yogurt, Parmesan cheese (100g), salt.
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