Enlarge your breasts in 10 minutes

Do not kill openings and other exercises that do not help. We help you good looking chest. The openings in pec-deck machine are not recommended.

First, the exercise will tell you not to do: side openings in the pec-deck machine. Just make work part of the chest, and making them increases the risk of injury.

It is best to do three exercises with dumbbells that activate different parts of the pectoral muscles, giving you a better definition and more volume. Continue reading “Enlarge your breasts in 10 minutes”

Bring out your hidden chest

When you’re working the most difficult, upper chest area, make the lower grip bench press. This enables 30% more fiber, as shown in a study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. Also, when you push eject air: lift more weight.

If you’re looking for more power in the press, you have it easy: Continue reading “Bring out your hidden chest”

The beach, summer fitness

This training uses your body weight to increase heart rate and help burn fat stores. Find a quiet area of the beach and made the circuit two or three times a week, resting two minutes between each exercise.

Draw three parallel lines in the sand to five feet away each. Put yourself in the middle with your knees slightly bent and arms folded so that the hands are facing the thighs. Continue reading “The beach, summer fitness”

Tightens his arms and chest

women chestIf you train chest muscle, it will bust obvisnut. So: stand up straight, palms together at chest level, tighten them as much as possible and hold 5 seconds. Repeat 15 times.

Two. A cool shower makes the skin supple, contrast – an excellent tool for the vessels. Alternating hot and cold jets of water, spray the chest in a circular motion. Complete the procedure by a cold shower. Then apply a special moisturizing agent.
Continue reading “Tightens his arms and chest”