Carrot and Potato Diet

Potato DietCarrot and Potato Diet Carrot and Potato is based on the nutritional properties of carrots and potatoes with multiple benefits for our salad. Carrot and Potato Diet can lose up to four kilos in two months.

In the first month of menus will be 1,300 calories that we allow to lower three to four kilos. And in the second month will consume 1,600 calories menus in order to keep the weight consenting. Disputant of the best games of the Diet Quintina. Menu Carrot Papa Up menu and type the carrot diet consists of the following foods-breakfast, choice of- One cup of milk or coffee.
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Carrot Lose Weight Diet

Carrot dietThe Loss of weight diet of carrots is a slimming plan, two months. As its name implies, the basic food of the diet is carrot, a vegetable rich that provides only 27 calories per 100 grams, making it ideal for consumption in such schemes to lose weight.

The diet of carrots is made with menus than 1,300 calories each for the first month, including proteins (16%), fat (26%), carbohydrates (55%). At this stage you can lose 3 to 4 kilos. Continue reading “Carrot Lose Weight Diet”