Buckwheat methods of preparation

dietFrom purely historical point of view buckwheat Рa truly Russian porridge, our second most important national dish. When in the context of Russian epics, songs, stories, parables, fairy tales, proverbs and sayings, and even within the annals of the word mess, it is always it means buckwheat, and not any other.

Indeed, buckwheat a purely Russian culture. In Russia it was grown even in the I century BC. It is considered the birthplace of South Siberia, Altai. Until now, buckwheat is grown mainly in Russia and Ukraine, and even in Canada, where she brought our immigrants. Information about buckwheat can be found in Doorstop the first Russian leadership of the management.

Scientists argue that all cereals in one degree or another have healing properties, but this is especially true for the buckwheat. Continue reading “Buckwheat methods of preparation”