Why the beer belly is growing?

belly is growingWhy men like women do not drink this foamy drink? Drink, of course, and to be honest, too fat. Fat is stored in the typical woman’s place- the hips, breasts and buttocks. The abdomen is already suffering in the least. But the stronger sex is to get fat belly. Continue reading “Why the beer belly is growing?”

Beer is good for behind exercise

exerciseMedical research was done by scientists from the University of Granada. Team conducted a series of tests that show that after moderate exercise sports consumption pint of beer faster and more complete recovery effect than ordinary water.

In support of the scientific data of the experiment with volunteers. Their job is to run the trail in a room at 40 ° C to limit physical activity. After the running of each participant was measured by the degree of dehydration, motor function and ability to concentrate. Part of volunteers available for use in beer and other – the same amount of water.
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How many calories get are in a beer?

BeerWorld most popular drink Beer is not a drink especially caloric. Moreover, regardless of the calories in beer, drinking beer can be good .
A beer “normal” has about 40 calories per 100 ml, or what the same, about 130 calories per jar.
If you want to get rid of the calories in a mug of beer, take a brisk walk for half an hour. This will give remove alcohol and hydrates of beer. Continue reading “How many calories get are in a beer?”

Fattening? Beer?

BeerThe beer is usually one of the most questioned drinks when a person wants to lose weight. He always says to delete when you start a diet . But how much is true and how much myth about all this? Surely, many will be pleasantly surprised to see that this hippy elixir is the alcoholic beverage that has fewer calories.

The beer, having a fairly moderate alcohol content (about 4 or 5 degrees in its most common varieties), does not provide as many calories as a wine, a liqueur or whiskey. That is why it is the drink containing alcohol intake maybe fewer calories. This, of course, is always a plus.
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Cut 500 calories a day

To lose half a kilo a day, just to cut about 3,500 calories. Do you find many? They are not, if you eat a little less and do a little more exercise daily.

Take 2 scrambled eggs for breakfast instead of a bagel and two tablespoons of cream cheese.
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Beer-fat as much as you think?

weight lose fatCold, golden froth with … with the heat of summer who resists a beer on a terrace or a beach bar? Considered for years guilty of the treacherous and ugly “beer belly”, recent studies show that not fattening as much as previously thought and that even brings benefits to the body, always, of course, that their consumption is moderate.

The beer is a drink that is taken very old for centuries and there are many varieties. Is obtained from the fermentation of various grains , mostly barley, hops or malt. Although at present is also made alcohol-free graduation average until two to four degrees.
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