Tips to have a Firm Ass

Women ass1. Do not drink alcohol and sweets.

Ass are depend on the ¬†important in a healthy diet , there is no reason to remove them. What if we have completely eliminated from our minds are empty calories that have certain foods that raise the glycerin index . Precisely these calories are those that are shown in the alcohol, sweets, butter, sausage … These are very difficult to remove from our body and become fat. As we know one of the areas of the body where fat accumulates is in the rear.

Two. Taking too much sun.

The rear is exposed much to the sun, bikinis and swimsuits are becoming smaller. We do not realize but is receiving many rays. So I recommend you use sunscreen to the skin of the buttocks, if we do, it becomes a skin dehydrated, thin and flabby.

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How to Visually Enlarge the Ass?

enlarge the assCarefully select a wardrobe, paying attention to those things that are visually expanded Ass and the lower body. This tulip dress, skirts, pleated pants and skinny jeans. You can still pick up items that have settled in the hip pockets.

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How to increase the ass?

 the assWomen are truly mysterious creatures! Perhaps even the notebook finds beauty in their appearance flaws that urgently need to be corrected. And we are madly susceptible to fashion, but she is a lady totally unpredictable. Then we will show a screen with girls with model looks and the lack of any form, and say that it’s a standard.

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