How to Eat to Lose Weight?

Weight LossFrom the end of the year to the year before the New Year, it is a season for raising meat. The next Chinese New Year is the season of big fish and meat.

After this time, how to lose weight and lose fat? Dietitians recommend that you can adopt a sugar-reduced diet and supplement dietary fiber, which is the best way to lose weight and lose fat! Continue reading “How to Eat to Lose Weight?”

American Diet For Weight Loss

diet for weight lossAmerican tools and techniques for weight loss. The menu of the American diet: A Sunday. American breakfast: one Gretchen, two apples, one apelin Chik. The American Dinner: boiled rice (one hundred grams) cooked chicken (two grams), one glass of milk (skim), one apple. American dinner: two patties, a slice of bread, two oranges, a cup of yogurt.

Saturday afternoon. American breakfast: grenache, one orange, one apple. Amerikanskimy lunch: salad with lemon juice (one hundred and fifty grams), boiled bochka (one hundred and fifty – two hundred grams), an apple. American┬ádinner: Continue reading “American Diet For Weight Loss”