American effective diet

Slim bodyHow often do we want to lose weight at the same time? Indulging in their favorite foods and not attractive in difficult counting calories. On this issue worked best nutritionists all over the world, but the answer nutritionists found out of state, the proportion of people suffering from obesity, the American diet is known around the world, millions of people who adhere to it, managed to get rid of excess weight, while allowing yourself to eat almost any food.
Slim body
The principles of the American diet:-
The main standard of the diet Americans call «Dinner Canceling» – it means that the last meal should be no later.
For breakfast you can eat any food, including sweet and flour.
After 5 pm, you can only drink water and tea carefully selected in the menu only natural products – it is the success of any diet. Quality food and plenty of fluids to cleanse your body of toxins and heavy metals, which will lead to a more successful outcome of the American diet.
Try to keep to your diet was less “harmful” foods:- potato chips, sugary sodas, crackers – that is, foods high in sodium, flavors or preservatives.
You should also limit the amount of fatty foods. And if you ate a greasy product, after its use to eat a slice of pineapple or grapefruit.
American diet does not please you quick results, but it can help to reduce the weight by as much as you need. In this case, dropped pounds not to return as soon as you go to a regular diet.

The diet of U.S. Astronauts
In the early 20th century American nutritionists from NASA, has developed a secret diet for American astronauts. The point of it is to limit the use of complex carbohydrates. Each product was given his score. In the diet of the astronauts who needed to lose weight, the total amount does not exceed 40 points. For a week they were able to lose up to six pounds overweight.

American astronaut’s diet was classified as state secret, as long as the secret services of the USSR did not reveal this secret to the government of the Soviet Union. Within the walls of the Kremlin, this diet is called the Kremlin diet. Diet, which held American astronauts, was adapted to our diet, but its basic principles stay the same to give up sweets, flour products, potatoes and rice, to limit the use of vegetables, fruit, potatoes and cereals. The basis of the diet should be:- lean meat, fish, cheese, vegetables with high water content Know the amount of carbohydrates contained in a particular product, and what is his number of points
You can from the table points Kremlin diet.

Diet “roller coaster”
Another great American diet, diet became Martin Katana. He gave it the name “diet roller coaster“, as the meaning of this diet is to keep your body to correct to a certain number of calories. We know that our body is even able to get used to even the most minimal diet and stop to get rid of excess weight. Then dietitian Martin Katana had the idea that the body can be fooled, and he came up with a 3-week diet based on a sharp jump calorie diet. The first 3 days you need to reduce the number of calories to 600, then 4 days of your diet consist of 900 calories, and last week the number of calories increases to 1200. Then repeat 3 days with 600 calories and 4 days with 900 calories. The results are stunning – 9 pounds in a week! And all of the body 3 weeks to lose weight does not stop, because it does not have time to adjust for the number of calories that you consume.

The American Diet

American DietThe American diet you will never feel hungry. Remember that the most elegant women of the world gave a positive review for this diet. And now her secret will be able to find you. The American diet is – one of the leading and most important in the world.

It followed the American model, such as Bonnie and Rosemary, thanks to this diet, their figure was perfect during the whole career. Waist Bonnie reached 55 cm Waist Rosemary – 61 cm This way of eating is called Hollywood, because most of the stars of Hollywood films adhered to and achieved very successful results.
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