Fight Abdominal Fat

Bally fatA fresh U.S. study, one hundred patients tested, based on a preparation of hormones and for six months have shown that fat abdominal disappeared in most cases.

It is true that as we age, our rate of enlargement hormones decreases. From age 30, the low secretion considerably.

The same applies to the sex hormones, which are significantly poorer. With tropopause, testosterone is produced in smaller amounts. Leading to the disappearance of sexual desire. Continue reading “Fight Abdominal Fat”

Creams to burn Abdominal Fat

 Abdominal FatA waist of many than 89 cms for a woman and more than 102 for a man may increase the risk of Creams to burn Abdominal Fat having high blood pressure, diabetes type 2, diseases of the heart, dementia and cancers of breast, colon and econometric.

Are there really creams to burn Abdominal Fat?

Many people who want to get a flat belly, uses normally expensive creams already which considered them as the solution to that difficult to remove fat, it accumulates in the abdomen and that we cannot eliminate. Continue reading “Creams to burn Abdominal Fat”

Why do you Lose weight and abdominal fat?

abdominal fatThe intuitive Fat is limited to a small area in the muscles surrounding the abdominal fat, visceral fat is the main cause of protruding belly, many Italian Chicana the beer belly.

Visceral fat is also accountable for the so-called love handles that most women hate it, but lately even men detest and try in every way, most wrong to delete it.

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Lose weight from home

Lose weightLosing weight from home, First started to make a heating base a turnip climb of stairs with one leg and then down to the left and so on.

Counts as heat also a short walk or a jog on the spot. After performing this procedure has come the time to really lose weight from home thanks to some exact exercises-

In abdominal twists-start phase you find yourself sitting on the floor with your legs bent and increase apart. Place the tip of your feet up and let your heel on the ground, trying to hold the ball with both hands. Continue reading “Lose weight from home”

What foods to eat to lose weight?

lose weightThose who want to lose weight obviously wants to know what foods to eat to lose weight, because to lose weight, you should keep away from eating junk food without stopping is a big help.

To find out which foods offer a superior feeling of satiety, some scientists have called for volunteers to eat several portions of food but by the donation caloric equal.

In the test phase, scientists have found that in the two hours after the meal, the volunteers ate not anything and at the end of the knowledge, the volunteers were asked to eat something from the buffet. Continue reading “What foods to eat to lose weight?”

How to remove the excess abdominal fat?

abdominalOverweight people and for this motive we wish to speak of the many types of fat in the human body.

In today’s civilization most people is oily, do you think that 51% of Italian population is overweight The idea that we are the people of the abdominal fat is that it is bad but no one cares about the real harms hidden behind.

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How to lose fat on your stomach

stomach fitThe exercises for the abs, such as crunches, sit-ups, and all those that engage the use of stomach trainers, they are actually the least effectual way to get showy abdominal dry, you’re ready to know the actual exercises to be carried out to have immediate results?

Which foods you must eat to lose weight? Read the ebook that will change your life and will let you know the exercises that really work.

It ‘s time to know the entire truth on getting a flat stomach in a short time and sculpted abs: Continue reading “How to lose fat on your stomach”

Abdominal fat is not only an aesthetic problem

Avoid a protruding abdomen is not just a matter of beauty, so is health.

In us it is very difficult to have a totally flat stomach after puberty, but our goal should not be this. Our body stores fat in this area to protect the embryo during pregnancy. But beware, when the abdomen grows account many risks, fat is not healthy and has risks.

That risks are not higher than normal, the waist should not pass (89 cm) in women and (101 cm) in men. Women with more than 89 cm waist are more than twice the risk than women with less waist. Continue reading “Abdominal fat is not only an aesthetic problem”