Yoga Tells How to Keep in Shape

Meditation for weight lossYoga Tells How to Keep in Shape. With the improvement of living standards, obesity problem gradually surfaced. Troubled many people. It is a headache for women who love beauty.

Weight loss has gradually divided into two camps. Diet to lose weight and fitness to lose weight. And dieting to lose weight is divided into relying on drugs to suppress appetite to lose weight and self-directed dieting to lose weight. Fitness weight loss is divided into gym and outdoor sports to lose weight. Continue reading “Yoga Tells How to Keep in Shape”

How Healthy is Yoga Really?

Lose weightAccording to a survey from 2019, around 10% of Germans practice yoga at least occasionally1 – and the trend in recent years has been increasing. The wellness trend from India is said to bring a number of health benefits with it: The promises range from increased ability to concentrate to an improved immune system to better blood circulation, and all kinds of pain should disappear as a result.

But are these claims actually true? What are the real health benefits of yoga? And for which complaints is yoga advisable? Continue reading “How Healthy is Yoga Really?”

What is Power Yoga?

Calories burningIf you are a beginner in the world of yoga, it can be difficult to find your way around the different styles and yoga exercises, because you may have noticed that there are a myriad of different variations of yoga. On this page we will introduce you to what is called Power yoga. Continue reading “What is Power Yoga?”

How to Develop Skills by Meditation?

Losing WeightMeditation is still a taboo in some cultures around the world. Even in the circle of those who meditate today, many do not yet know how meditation can actually help them. In this article, I share some of my experiences after 5 years of meditation practice while explaining how to develop new skills through meditation. Continue reading “How to Develop Skills by Meditation?”

10 Minutes of Yoga with Positive Energy

cellulite removeDo you have 10 minutes? Anyone, no matter how tight their schedule is, can take 10 minutes out of their day to dedicate to themselves. It’s more. It should be the only thing of the day that is strictly forbidden to skip. You don’t need another minute to enjoy a practice that will fill you with well-being. Continue reading “10 Minutes of Yoga with Positive Energy”

The Weight Lose Benefits of Meditating Daily

Lose weightAmong the many weight lose benefits of meditating that you can find when you begin your daily meditation practice, Understanding the power of meditation is key if you want to know how to start on the path of self-knowledge are the following

You will reduce your stress and anxiety. Meditating helps us to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which produces an activation of the relaxation response, as well as the vigil nerve, which affects an activation of information from the viscera, organs and intestines to the brain and vice versa. Continue reading “The Weight Lose Benefits of Meditating Daily”

10 Principles of Healthy Lifestyle

Flat Belly To be beautiful, strong and energetic, titanic efforts are not needed. It is enough to adhere to simple and clear rules of a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyle principles

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The key to morning vigor and good mood is a deep, deep and uninterrupted night’s sleep, 6-9 hours, depending on your needs. Try to plan your day so that your meals, work, walks, workouts, and rest are at the same time. Continue reading “10 Principles of Healthy Lifestyle”

10 Tips For A Healthy and Long Life

Staying Fit at homeEveryone wishes to stay healthy and fit for as long as possible. With a healthy lifestyle, you can do a lot yourself. The most important factors are diet, exercise, relaxation and sleep, avoidance of pleasure poisons and a positive attitude towards life.

A conscious lifestyle increases your chances of staying fit into old age. Here are 10 important tips what you can do yourself to maintain your health and quality of life for a long time: Continue reading “10 Tips For A Healthy and Long Life”

Trend Sports: Feel Good Fitness

At first glance, the loop ropes of the 4D Pro hardly differ from conventional TRX straps – but they have the power of a bungee rope. The sport is already a hit in the United States. You train almost weightlessly and burn up to 600 calories per hour. Depending on the exercise, either the arms, legs or waist are put in the sling and sprints, squats or push-ups are performed. Due to the resistance of the spring forces, the exercises are extremely intense and gentle on the joints, they also activate the core and gluten muscles. The idea comes from Germany, by the way: The Dr. Homayun Gharavi invented the elastic ropes, which will soon cause a sensation here too. Continue reading “Trend Sports: Feel Good Fitness”