Fit despite Corona: Exercises For At Home

Fitness studios and sports clubs are currently closed due to Corona, working from home is part of everyday life for many. Dining table instead of desk, upholstered chair instead of swivel chair – the strain on the body increases significantly.

Small exercises in between help not to tense up after many hours on the laptop. Whenever possible, you should work standing up – for example, while talking on the phone or reading. With a little training, this can even be done on one leg. Continue reading “Fit despite Corona: Exercises For At Home”

Strengthening Immunity during a COVID-19

COVID-19COVID-19 is a new and insidious disease that has yet to be fully understood. In some, it proceeds without any symptoms, in others it causes severe pneumonia, and some people do not become infected at all, even if they come into contact with patients. Because of this, doctors and scientists place a special emphasis on the work of the immune system, trying to identify the connection between the state of the body and the risks of infection, a severe course of the disease. Let’s understand the information that is already known today. Continue reading “Strengthening Immunity during a COVID-19”

Exercise Tips For Whole Family

Exercise TipsThe goal is to show the child that exercise is as much fun as watching TV or having a good meal. As well as changing their eating habits, overweight children need the support of parents and / or other important caregivers (such as older siblings, friends, educators, and teachers) when changing their exercise habits. It is important that the child is always encouraged to be physically active while having fun.

Tips for everyday life


Create room to romp and move around in your living space. Continue reading “Exercise Tips For Whole Family”

Easy exercises for a flat belly

Slim ballyThe abdominal exercises are the only ones in the world that will help to really get back in shape and have a flat stomach and slender! The secret to making peace with your abs is to get them really well and increase the number gradually without overdoing it during the first few sessions. Here is the workout to do at home in a few weeks you will have the perfect belly to show off at the beach!

1. Abdominal front

Are the abdominal easier but also the most effective. Lie on the ground flexes the legs by placing his feet on the ground so that it forms an angle of about 45 °. The back is resting on the ground and there are no spaces between the back and the floor. Hands behind your neck raise the trunk of 15-20 centimeters from the ground. Continue reading “Easy exercises for a flat belly”

The final abate

fatLong time ago that you do not bring you a abate training exercises at home. Actually, I wanted to resume them again, because it is a form of very rapid training and quite effective to help lose weight and get in shape.

Every day, there are more trouble finding a place with so many responsibilities that we accumulate every day, so it is important to get formulas supine and training methods that allow us to work out in no time. The abate, is a perfect way to get because they are circuit training that are completed in a short time and does not consist of many years, so it is easy to understand. Continue reading “The final abate”

Tips to resume your exercise routine

dietResume your routine exercise after being long without physical activity , is very healthy. However, doing so abruptly can be dangerous and cause injuries. A common mistake is to try to do the same routine from day to exercise and it is not convenient.

Salud180 tells you some considerations you should take into account not hurt and return to exercise after a long time.

1. The body needs time to adapt to exercise, in addition to the muscles and bones become stronger, gain tone and flexibility. It is therefore important to start gradually without push yourself too much, especially if you had an injury. Continue reading “Tips to resume your exercise routine”

The stomach flatter

dietPomp Omaha for a number of well-known phenomenons that makes the pants tighten the waist. September can be an extraordinary fat layer or only weak abdominal muscles, when the stomach bulges out easily.

Frequently want to get rid of by any means, but the targets time and again prove to be too difficult to achieve. Read some way to get your stomach flatter!

Improve rightist!

Good posture makes it seem slimmer. Straighten therefore rightist and make your abdominal muscles service without a single beads of sweat. Continue reading “The stomach flatter”

Explanations aside

exerciseExercise is a healthy life seal, but why do not all Sprint forward to workout? There are several explanations for the eternal. Are you the master to come up with endless excuses to avoid the best your friend, welfare-enhancing physical activity?

Buying health is impossible. The formula I eat unhealthy, but I go jogging does not work. So leave musket and setout less and go. Here is information on how you can turn your Explanation of profit:

Reasons why does not move Continue reading “Explanations aside”

Exercise Recommendations

fatBasic and fitness training complement each other

Healthy exercise is recommended to practice either as a basic exercise for 3-4 hours per week or fitness for 2-3 hours a week. Both correspond to about 1000 kcal of energy per week. Ideally, the level is reached, when the practice both basic and fitness.

Basic Exercise belong to everyday life in everyday activities, utility and commuting physical activity walking to work or trade, cleaning, snow removal, mushroom picking. This exercise improves overall health, helps in weight management and brings a good view. Continue reading “Exercise Recommendations”