Fitness for Mothers with Children

Do you have a baby, summer is here and you love exercise? Fitness for Mothers with Children Just move your workout outside and take your toddler or baby with you.

Training after pregnancy, no matter how long ago the last unit was, actually only brings advantages: a better body feeling, melting pregnancy kilos and a stronger body. Movement also improves the quality of sleep, which should not be underestimated in everyday life with a baby. Continue reading “Fitness for Mothers with Children”

Fit and Healthy Through the Year

HEALTHY THROUGH THE CORONA CRISISRegular exercise has a positive effect on physical and mental health. However, a transmission of the novel coronavirus cannot be ruled out during sport either. If you breathe heavily during exercise, the droplets produced when you exhale spread much more widely than usual. It is therefore particularly important to keep enough distance, especially when you are out of breath.

Exercise outside as often as possible this year. Sports that involve very close physical contact should be avoided. Maybe you will try something different to stay fit. Here you will find seven tips to stay fit and healthy – despite the coronavirus pandemic. Continue reading “Fit and Healthy Through the Year”

Workout for children: how to train your children at home

Workout for children: how to train your children at home. The pandemic has closed us again at home and it is difficult to better manage one’s children. It is not at all easy for them to give up going out to do outdoor activities or to practice the sport they love most. That’s why we thought of a healthy alternative to hours and hours in front of TV and video games.
These are fun and easy-to-follow workouts designed specifically to get the little ones to do some movement.
How much physical activity is needed for children and teens?
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the daily physical activity levels for the different age groups are as follows: Continue reading “Workout for children: how to train your children at home”

Baby Fat or Puberty Pounds: when Exactly do Children get Fat?

over weightNobody is born overweight. At school age, however, one in five children in Germany weighs too much. Every twentieth person is clinically obese. Ten years ago there were half as many. A research group at the University of Mainz is investigating when exactly our children get fat. Continue reading “Baby Fat or Puberty Pounds: when Exactly do Children get Fat?”

How can a Teenager Get Fit?

fitnessIn the decade of the 20s bad habits acquired in adolescence have been weighed down because the perception of one’s health is still good. There is a bad habit of consuming fast food , with many calories and very few interesting nutrients, causing overweight problems , explains Felipe Isidro, coordinator of the Study Group of Physical Exercise and Obesity of the Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity. According to this expert, in Spain, at these ages, there is a high prevalence of overweight (up to more than 10 kg over the ideal weight), and this condition will lead to obesity if no remedy is applied.

The social environment at these ages (studies, entry into the workplace and having a partner) means that the practice of physical exercise is not prioritized. And when it is practiced it is more sport, like football or paddle, which exercises as such.

From 20 to 50 years the main complaint of patients with excess weight is the lack of time, both for physical exercise and to plan meals. Continue reading “How can a Teenager Get Fit?”

Control childhood obesity

child obesityMore than seventeen percent of children in Italy is obese and this number continues to increase day by day. Excess body weight leads to many health problems such as – heart disease, high blood pressure, increased blood pressure and reduced life expectancy. E ‘for this reason important to know the exact reason why teenagers are gaining excess weight and discover their possible cure. Continue reading “Control childhood obesity”

Losing weight with diet genetics

DietAre you always on a diet but the results are poor? Did you follow a diet that is right for you. In the past diets processed by different professionals required me diets difficult to follow, effective immediately, but not long-lasting. The lack of carbohydrates also caused me fatigue. It depressed me. But then I discovered the formulated diet on my DNA.

Finally I can eat pasta, staying fit and in a good mood, says Bianca Del Carretto, gold medalist in epee team at the 2009 World Championships. Continue reading “Losing weight with diet genetics”

Special children diet

slim tips for childThe diet figures 5 chosen in diseases of the liver, gallbladder and billiard lesions of the whole system hostilities  hepatitis, anesthesiologist  The reason of the children diet – standby the diseased organs excess, perfunctory, substance and thermal.

English 21 day diet consequences excluded on or after the diet foods and dishes, aggravating the liver and gall bladder and make a reimbursement to stone formation, limit the quantity of carbohydrates, introduce the products to help accurate the intestines and improving bile providing a enough amount of protein especially milk with curd overweight and a vegetable oil and butter. Continue reading “Special children diet”

Metabolism as a base for assortment of the diet

diet planScientists and nutritionists have for years searched for ordinary patterns in food habits and the human figure. In this area, developed a set of theories and hypotheses, but in the middle of the last century, experts managed to establish this relationship, which is based on parallels between metabolism, eating habits, and figure. It was found that it is possible to make out quite logical patterns between nutrition and the general state of health. In accordance with the characteristics of metabolism, all people can be divided into groups, where to allocate those interested in vegetable diet, those who may feel good on the protein diet, as well as those who are in dire need of a balanced diet. Good results in this study were able to make George Watson, that he owned the greatest achievements in this field. Continue reading “Metabolism as a base for assortment of the diet”

Smoothies for Weight Lose

weight lose drinkSurprised smoothies for weight loss is very effective. It – fruit, juice, and some other components that are whipped in a blender with ice and the result turned into a thick, delicious cocktail, perfect for a diet in the hot season.
Caloric smoothies
Almost any kind of fruit are low in calories – 20 to 80 units, depending on the type of one hundred grams. When you mix the fruit with ice, fruit juice, sometimes – yogurt or natural yogurt, calories increases only slightly. That is why it is safe to feast on this wonderful, useful drink – if you are replaced by their meals, you are guaranteed to lose weight.
Continue reading “Smoothies for Weight Lose”