5 Weight Loss Traps That Slow Down Your Metabolism

lose belly fatWeight loss traps that slow down your metabolism. It doesn’t always have to be the large-scale cardio unit and equipment training in the gym – even small areas of movement in everyday life has many health benefits.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends around 150 minutes of moderate exercise and 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week to stay healthy and fit. In this way you prevent cardiovascular diseases and reduce the risk of other diseases such as diabetes. Continue reading “5 Weight Loss Traps That Slow Down Your Metabolism”

The Secrets of the Good Life

fatThe concept that only obese people should eat healthy is fundamentally wrong – if you understand the importance of a functioning body and want to learn what you should eat for good life.

The human body has no spare parts and if there is something money cannot buy it is health. There are many things in life that can be purchased – employees, a driver, a cleaner and a host of other services, but someone who will take away one or another illness from you is already impossible. Continue reading “The Secrets of the Good Life”

What Is The Inside Of Cellulite Made Of?

cellulite dietWhen cellulite is formed, fat cells are mixed with waste products that have not been excreted due to poor metabolism for some reason and become enlarged.

Then, even if the fat cells grow rapidly, the collagen fibers that surround them remain the same length, so the skin is pulled and becomes bumpy cellulite.

Continue reading “What Is The Inside Of Cellulite Made Of?”

Do You Need To Eat To Lose Weight?

Healthy WomanThere are a lot of miracle diets around us and very little common sense. The voice in your head is whispering to you that a diet consisting only of yogurt and fruits… perhaps not the best option. It also tells you that the best way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume.

Everything he says is true! And for this you need to move a little more And watch your diet a little more. Just a little, we promise! Our task is not to harm ourselves, but to acquire good habits … and patience. Continue reading “Do You Need To Eat To Lose Weight?”

Weight Lose 8 Pounds in 4 Days

weight loss diet
Young Woman Cooking. Healthy Food

Want to weight lose quickly and without stress? Try diet, commonly known as the stewardess diet. Lose 3 to 5 kg in 4 days!

Weight lose method is a popular diet and weight loss method, known as the flight attendant weight loss method. The weight loss time only lasts for 4 days, and the effect is immediate. The challenge for dieters is to eat only the prescribed high-protein foods within 4 days to achieve the goal of losing weight, and control the intake of other nutritious foods within 3 weeks after 4 days to achieve the purpose of maintaining weight. Continue reading “Weight Lose 8 Pounds in 4 Days”

9 Exercises to Strengthen the Muscles of the Back.

The spring-summer season is approaching, the time for cycling and working weekends in the country. Doctors recommend effective exercises to strengthen the region. They can be performed for prevention, and when the back already aches under stress. Continue reading “9 Exercises to Strengthen the Muscles of the Back.”

Fat Burning and Fast Lose Weight at Home

The only way to lose weight is to exercise, but there is no way to go to the gym when the epidemic comes, what should I do? The following is an introduction to the 8 home pillow fat reduction exercises of European and American fitness bloggers Taylor and Kaitlin.

The simple to difficult is included at one time to enhance the fat-burning effect, and the road to weight loss is fast and impressive! Continue reading “Fat Burning and Fast Lose Weight at Home”

What Is Breakfast To Prevent Old Age And Obesity?

What Is Breakfast To Prevent Old Age And Obesity?Toast and coffee for breakfast. Isn’t it easy for many people to finish their meals on a busy morning? It is troublesome to even bake bread, and some people may say that sweet buns at convenience stores and canned coffee with plenty of sugar are standard.

However, with this, there is no nutrition other than sugar! The refined wheat flour used for bread is in a state where dietary fiber and minerals are removed. Nourishment is almost lost. And both carbohydrates and sugar in bread are sugars. Continue reading “What Is Breakfast To Prevent Old Age And Obesity?”

What is Healthy Weight Loss?

What is Healthy Weight Loss?Many people fall into the misunderstanding of losing weight – losing weight means losing weight. Losing weight is the easiest thing in the world, and losing weight is one of the three hardest things in the world of medicine! Why do people of the same height and weight look better than those with a lower body fat percentage? Continue reading “What is Healthy Weight Loss?”

How to Lose Weight for a Slightly Fat Body?

How to Lose Weight for a Slightly Fat Body?How to Lose Weight for a Slightly Fat Body? some conditions such as slow gastrointestinal digestion, imbalance of intestinal flora, and constipation are all difficult points for poor stomach.

Poor stomach is closely related to body shape. Too good wills not only reduce the body’s basal metabolism, but also allow a lot of toxins to accumulate in the body, making the body fat… Continue reading “How to Lose Weight for a Slightly Fat Body?”