Eating Chocolate for Breakfast Can Help You Lose Weight

Weight Loss GoalsEating chocolate cake as part of a full breakfast may help you lose weight, scientists say. It sounds too good to be true, but scientists say that having dessert burns calories, reports The Telegraph. The morning is the best time to consume sweets because it is when the metabolism is most active and we have the rest of the day to burn those calories, according to a study.

Eating cookies or chocolate as part of a breakfast that includes protein and carbohydrates also helps curb the craving for sweets afterward. Continue reading “Eating Chocolate for Breakfast Can Help You Lose Weight”

Perfect Ass with the Latest Aesthetic Treatments

Lose weightIn the case of looking for a significant increase in volume in the buttock area, we recommend implants and, for more discreet augmentations, own fat or hyaluronic acid.

We talk about beautiful buttocks when they are harmonious explains the specialist in plastic surgery, a member of the Secpre of the Teknon Medical Center in Barcelona. According to the doctor, the key is to achieve a harmony between the volume of the buttock and the volume of the areas that surround it to achieve satisfactory and natural results for the patient. For this, the expert recommends, in each case, a technique: Continue reading “Perfect Ass with the Latest Aesthetic Treatments”

How to Weight Lose Fast

Top Exercises at homeDo you want to exercise but don’t have time to do it? This three minute routine has been created particularly for you, and will allow you to get in shape sooner than you thought possible…

The first step before doing any type of exercise is stretching. Stretch your arms and legs as far as possible to prevent injury to your body during the intensive three-minute exercise period. Continue reading “How to Weight Lose Fast”

Diets: Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

If you feel that you have really done everything to burn that annoying fat that sticks to your jeans and sticks out of your pants, you will wonder where you are going wrong. Although the concept should be very easy to “eat well and exercise” at times, this simple equation does not seem to give the correct result.

If you’re there, check to see if you’re making these four mistakes that turned off your internal fat burning engine. If so, what you have to do is review your routine and habits so that you can turn it on again: Continue reading “Diets: Why Am I Not Losing Weight?”

Mindfulness to Cope With Depression

Calories burningThe psychologist highlights the practice of mindfulness to treat situations such as anxiety, stress and depression

We are in the middle of a pandemic and the situation that surrounds us overwhelms us every day. We live in stress, anxiety, uncertainty; situations that are uncomfortable in our day to day. In these situations, mindfulness or mindfulness can be of great help. Continue reading “Mindfulness to Cope With Depression”

This Is Why It Costs So Much to Lose Fat

FitnessWhen we intend to lose weight, our goal should be to burn fat and increase muscle mass, since this will allow us to lose weight in a healthy way and, in addition, enjoy a strong and toned body. But it is not always easy. In fact, we have a hard time losing fat. Why is so difficult? What does body fat have or what happens in our body to make it so difficult to eliminate? E-Health Medical Manager at Cigna Spain, explains it to us. The doctor will also explain to you when to train to burn more fat, in the morning or in the afternoon, since there are physiological mechanisms that influence it. Continue reading “This Is Why It Costs So Much to Lose Fat”

Do You Know Where Weight Loss Is Noticed Before?

Weight LossIt depends on each person, but the truth is that when you set yourself a goal to lose weight, there are areas in which the results are noticed before

If you are on a diet, and your goal is to lose those extra pounds, perhaps you have ever asked yourself this question: where is the weight loss first noticeable? In which part of the body will we notice the results first? There is no written rule that says you will notice results sooner in the thighs, hips or abdomen. It all depends. The area where it is lost first is the one where there is more accumulation of fat. Continue reading “Do You Know Where Weight Loss Is Noticed Before?”

4 Tricks to Enjoy Without Getting Fat When You Eat Out

lose weight and burn fatExperts point out which are the healthiest snacks and other tips with which not to sabotage your diet during the weekend

When you eat at home it is much easier to maintain good manners at the table, and even more so if you know the recipes of celebrities, who prepares a dinner based on green shoots that helps to wake up less bloated. If, in addition to being inspired by the networks to find the healthiest combinations, you also know the 3 Harvard precepts with which carbohydrates are no longer the enemy, then you have already laid the pillars of a complete menu with which to maintain an ideal weight without giving up to no macronutrient. Continue reading “4 Tricks to Enjoy Without Getting Fat When You Eat Out”

Burn More Calories At Last: That Really Helps You Lose Weight

There are many ways to burn calories. Most of them only think of sports. But your body actually burns calories all day. Even if you’re on the sofa, at your desk, or even at night asleep, there are many ways to burn calories. Most of them only think of Sported. But your body actually burns calories all day. Even if you are sitting on the sofa, at your desk, or even at night in your sleep.

Well, if you just sit relaxed on the couch and watch TV or read something, you won’t burn a lot of calories. In order to burn 100, 200 or even more calories per hour, you have to be physically active – ideally with sport. Continue reading “Burn More Calories At Last: That Really Helps You Lose Weight”

Basic Keys to Lose Weight that are Infallible

Lose weight, without diet? And it is. Of course, as long as you take into account these 10 tricks and keys to achieve it. From looking at sugar and carbohydrates to daily exercise.

If you are tired of starving, if you do not want to give up chocolate, if you do not want to saturate your body with protein, follow the advice we give you and you will see how the scale will smile at you. You just have to add to your day to day the little secrets that we share with you. Continue reading “Basic Keys to Lose Weight that are Infallible”