What Wrong With High Triglycerides?

Tips to Burn Fat FastFoods for specified health uses and beverages that claim to be for people concerned about triglycerides are now sold not only at drugstores but also at convenience stores.

Looking at such products, it seems that high triglycerides have an adverse effect on health, but is there no problem with low triglycerides? Are you playing a role?

What exactly is neutral fat?

Neutral fat consists of exogenous triglycerides, which are dietary fats absorbed in the intestine and taken into the blood, and endogenous triglycerides, which are fats once taken into the liver and secreted into the blood again. There are 2 ways. In addition to triglycerides, the blood also contains three types of fat: cholesterol, hospholipase, and free fatty acids. Increase.

If so, is it better to reduce the neutral fat in the body to zero?

This is because neutral fat plays an important role in storing energy in the body. Glucose is mainly used as energy to sustain life, but neutral fat is used to compensate for the lack of glucose. However, neutral fat that is not used as energy is stored in the liver, adipose tissue, subcutaneous tissue, and blood, and most of it becomes subcutaneous fat. This also increases the risk of lifestyle-related diseases.

In other words, neither too much nor too little triglyceride is desirable.

Triglycerides are essential for our bodies, but if they increase too much in the liver, they lead to fatty liver, and if they increase in the subcutaneous tissue, they lead to obesity.

In addition, if the triglyceride level is higher than the standard value, it is possible that you are suffering from epidemically, diabetes, nephritic syndrome, pancreatitis, hypothyroidism, etc.

In other words, having high triglyceride levels does not necessarily mean that you are obese. High triglyceride levels can be caused in addition to high-fat foods and excessive alcohol consumption.

For example, if you are thin but have a high triglyceride level, it is possible that you have a constitution in which the fat you ingest from meals tends to stay in your blood. If you have a lot of triglycerides in your blood, your blood is considered muddy.

If this happens, oxygen and nutrients will not be properly delivered to every corner of the body, and waste products will easily accumulate, which will affect both health and beauty.

Also, stress has a negative impact on triglyceride levels, so it is important not to accumulate stress. What happens when triglyceride levels are low? What are the causes of low triglyceride levels? Problems caused by low levels

So, what kind of adverse effects can be considered if the triglyceride level is too low?

Therefore, if the triglyceride level is below the standard value, there is little energy stored in the body, so it is easy to get tired and stamina does not recover even if you rest enough. In addition, since neutral fat is related to the regulation of body temperature, symptoms such as hypothermia and cold extremities may appear.

In addition, there is a lack of fat-soluble vitamins (vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin D, etc.) that dissolve in neutral fat and circulate in the body, resulting in weakened immunity, hair loss, rough skin, etc. There is also.

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