Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

Flat BellyTo maintain a healthy weight, measure your body composition daily. It is difficult to grasp the increase and decrease of fat and muscle by feeling.

By continuing to measure, not only can you become aware of weight loss, but it is also useful for self-management. By keeping a daily life record, you can find invisible reflection points.

  1. Have a good breakfast and lunch, and a light dinner

If you skip breakfast or have a habit of not eating breakfast, there will be a gap between the previous day’s dinner and lunch. Skipping breakfast or overeating at dinner to make up for that is creating a habit that makes it easy to gain weight. Make it a habit to eat a good breakfast and lunch and a light dinner.

  1. Eat slowly and chew well

Satiety is controlled by the satiety center in the brain. The satiety center works by sending sugar into the brain and suppresses appetite. This satiety center begins to act about 20 to 30 minutes after the start of a meal. Eating slowly increases the amount of sugar in the blood that is sent to the brain before the stomach is full, thus preventing overeating. If you eat quickly without chewing well, you will eat more than you need because your meal will progress before the satiety center works.

Also, by chewing well, food is efficiently digested and absorbed in the body. Don’t just savor the food, but try to eat it slowly for at least 20 minutes by putting your chopsticks on each bite, using a small spoon, and drinking tea while eating.

  1. More items than quantity

For good health, it is necessary to eat a well-balanced diet. Each nutrient required by humans has a set daily requirement, so any deficiency is not good for the body. If you have an extremely biased diet, such as only vegetables or fruits, you may get sick or develop a disease.

Eating a well-balanced diet will help your body stop craving extra food and naturally suppress your appetite.

In addition, the metabolism becomes active, and the body becomes less likely to accumulate fat. The reason for increasing the quantity of food is to allow a naturally balanced diet. First, count how many items you eat in a day.

  1. Accustomed to light taste and full stomach

Light seasoning is easy on the body. Side dishes with strong flavors not only increase the amount of salt, but also tend to promote rice and alcohol consumption, which can also cause high blood pressure and heart disease. It is a healthy way of eating to reduce the use of seasonings such as salt, soy sauce, and miss as much as possible.

Also, place your chopsticks where you want to eat another bite. Even one bite can lead to obesity. If one bite is 20 kcal and you continue to eat this extra every day, you will be over energy by about 7200 kcal in a year. This is equivalent to 1 kg of fat.

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