Tighten Your Chubby Lower Abdomen!

How to get rid of unwanted fat in your body?Have you ever felt that as you get older, it’s hard to lose weight on your chubby lower abdomen? Even if you restrict your diet or do sit-ups, it may not be effective because you are doing it wrong.

This time, I will introduce the muscle training method that beautifully tightens the chubby stomach and the reason why you cannot lose weight. This summer is a must-see for those who want to train their lower abdomen! Continue reading “Tighten Your Chubby Lower Abdomen!”

How To Reduce Belly Fat?

Thin FigureBelly fat is the most difficult part of the body to lose. But the stomach is the most dangerous area to store fat and food at George mason university in the united states and assistant professor of health, behavior and sociology at johns Hopkins university. , should be reduced even if you make an effort.

Belly fat (visceral fat surrounding organs) travels throughout the body in the bloodstream, increasing the amount of lipids in the blood. As a result, blood sugar levels rise, increasing the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Continue reading “How To Reduce Belly Fat?”

Visceral Fat Is Body Fat That Accumulates Around the Abdomen

obesityVisceral fat refers to the fat around the abdomen in the body fat. Excessive accumulation of visceral fat is called visceral fat obesity, and it is also called apple-shaped obesity because of the protruding stomach.

Accumulation of visceral fat is determined by a CT scan showing a visceral fat area exceeding 100 cm2.

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Muscle Loss – How Fast Do Muscles Lose?

How do FitnessOverall, one can assume that after a few days without appropriate stimuli, the muscle will stop building and begin to break down. It can happen as early as eight to ten days. Muscles consume a lot of energy.

If you don’t provide them with new training stimuli, the body sees no point in keeping the muscles that have been built up to this extent. The dismantling begins. Continue reading “Muscle Loss – How Fast Do Muscles Lose?”

Metabolic Diet | Information And Weekly Schedule

Weight lossAll metabolic diet have one thing in common: they are designed to increase energy consumption and accelerate metabolism. In general, this is achieved through a change in diet: Carbohydrates are largely banned from the diet, and fats and proteins are consumed more.

At the same time, you should do a lot of sport and exercise regularly, which melts additional calories and keeps your metabolism going. In this way, some metabolic diets promise a weight reduction of up to 10 kilograms within a few weeks. Continue reading “Metabolic Diet | Information And Weekly Schedule”

Lose 10 Kilos – How Fast Is That Possible?

Lose Belly Fat FastWeight loss of 10 and more kilograms is a serious matter for the body. The project lose 10 kilos must therefore be carefully thought out and planned without having to constantly look at the clock or the calendar.

There are many miracle methods circulating on the internet that promise high weight loss in a very short time. Some of these methods even work, but the joy usually only lasts for a short time because the yo-yo effect occurs. Continue reading “Lose 10 Kilos – How Fast Is That Possible?”

Get Rid Of Love Handles – Exercises And Tips

Flat BellyThe reason lies in the wrong selection of the optimal exercises against love handles and the wrong diet. Without the right and targeted exercise selection and without changing your diet, you have little chance of getting rid of the annoying fat deposits on your hips.

Fighting love handles is no easy task. After the winter season, the unpopular lifebuoys come to light for many people. Many people try to fight back, but only the few can win the fight. Continue reading “Get Rid Of Love Handles – Exercises And Tips”

Change Your Diet To Fight Love Handles

Easy Ways to Lose Weight FastBe careful with the miracle cures for love handles. What is meant by this is above all a sharp reduction in the calorie intake per day. Recently, cures in which the body was provided with less than 1,000 calories per day were in vogue.

If this happens, the body switches its metabolism to economy mode and cranks it down. The consequences are anything but what you had hoped for: the basal metabolic rate is reduced and you don’t notice anything at all in terms of weight. Continue reading “Change Your Diet To Fight Love Handles”

What is the Importance of Physical Fitness?

Fitness tipsThe reason we all more or less understand the importance of physical fitness. Which contributes a lot to living better and healthier? When we exercise our life is happy and full of energy.

Have you ever asked yourself what makes people leave the warm bed early in the morning? Or abandon the sofa, snacks and series in favor of going outside, to make an effort to exercise until it hurts and sweat. If you are asking yourself this question, you have come to the right place! Continue reading “What is the Importance of Physical Fitness?”

How you Will Start Losing Belly Fat ?

Fat BurningCanadian fitness expert Jeremy Ether offers a four-step program how you will start losing belly fat at the end of which you should enter an effective fat-burning process. Will you be able to meet his recommendations?

Want to say goodbye to your belly fat and no longer believe it’s possible? Have you been convinced that this is the only fat that is simply unattainable? It turns out that you can recalculate a route. Continue reading “How you Will Start Losing Belly Fat ?”