How to Burn the Unnecessary Fat

Tlose weighthe alarming data, the diseases that may appear as a result of the fats that have accumulated in our bodies and also the effect on the aesthetic appearance – excess fat is a highly harmful unnecessary fat that is important to treat as soon as possible, so don’t put it off until tomorrow

In the world we live in, if we put aside the corona, there is no doubt that obesity is the greatest plague that has landed on humanity. According to statistics, more than half of the residents in Israel are overweight, including children. Even the World Health Organization defines obesity as a progressive chronic disease.

Well, it is definitely a medical problem that increases the chance of getting other diseases such as blood and heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, cancer, memory impairment and even mental problems. Beyond that, this phenomenon is also reflected in terms of appearance and aesthetics, since the fat accumulates in different places in our body, especially in the stomach and waist area.

It is important that we know that our body is powered by 4 sources of energy and they are sugar, carbohydrate, protein and fats, where every extra gram in our weight is fat. Our challenge is to burn the unnecessary fats in our body that are actually our excess weight. The treatment of excess weight is recommended to start from a young age in order to prevent the accumulation of excess weight that comes with age.

How the calculation of excess fat works

 As long as we have excess fat we must understand that our body stores a huge source of energy. A kilo of fat has approximately 8,000 – 7,000 calories, of which women need 22-30 calories per kilo of weight per day and men need 25-36 calories per kilo of weight. For example, a woman who weighs 80 kilos needs 26 calories on average, which we multiply by 80, which means 2,080 calories per day.

A woman with an average height of 1.58 should apparently weigh about 52 kilos, so that with a weight of 80 kilos there are 28 kilos of unnecessary fat. In terms of calories, this is 210,000 unnecessary calories of body fat. In order to reach the right weight in such a situation theoretically you need to not eat for 100 days and only drink liquids.

 To conduct yourself correctly for longevity and quality of life

 The lifestyle in the modern world and all the temptations it offers is the primary cause leading to obesity. We are surrounded by unhealthy foods that lead to excess consumption and unhealthy content of food, at the same time that physical activity affects only 2-6% of our weight. It is important to recognize and stop consuming foods that contain fat, carbohydrates and sugars because they prevent us from burning the huge fat and calorie reserves stored in our bodies.

The components of the capsule contain, among other things, the root of the kanji plant, which contains water-soluble dietary fibers and are capable of increasing their volume 200 times when they come into contact with water in the stomach, thus creating a feeling of satiety.

Also, the natural capsule contributes to lowering cholesterol and other blood fats and will guarantee you increased fat burning thanks to the Gym  plant which balances blood sugar levels quickly and thus helps the body to stop wanting to consume the harmful sugar. The capsule has a total of 8 fine ingredients from nature which are the greatest gift I can give us.

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