8 Rules for Reduce Belly Fat

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  1. Have a warm breakfast to Reduce Belly Fat!

Breakfast gives your body about four times more energy than eating at night. I recommend something warm.

  1. Focus on carbohydrates and protein in the morning!

We recommend a bowl of rice, which provides carbohydrates as an energy source, and a protein side dish (either egg, fish, soybean products, or low-fat meat). It will be the most expensive, so it will increase your energy consumption.

  1. Eat a nutritious meal for lunch!

During the daytime, when the expression of clock genes that control the amount of fat in the body is low, it is easy to use fat as energy. It is recommended to choose and recharge your energy.

  1. When snacking between meals, it’s good to have a lot of dietary fiber or protein by 16:00!

We recommend foods that contain dietary fiber and protein, such as nuts, dairy products, and soy milk products, which do not cause blood sugar levels to rise.

  1. Refrain from oils and fats for dinner and add dietary fiber!

The main dishes that you want to eat at night when your metabolism slows down are fish and soybeans. Supplementing your dietary fiber with vegetables, mushrooms, and seaweed such as seaweed will keep your blood sugar from going up and help you have a smooth bowel movement the next morning,

  1. Don’t rely too much on processed foods!

If you rely too much on highly processed foods such as instant and retort foods, you may run out of necessary nutrients such as minerals. Try to avoid vegetable juices mixed with fruit juice as much as possible.

  1. Alcohol is zero sugar distilled spirits!

Depending on how you drink alcohol, it can lead to obesity. If you drink alcohol after 21:00, when your blood sugar tends to rise, switch to sugar-free distilled spirits. It makes it harder for fat to accumulate around your stomach.

  1. If you’re really worried about your weight, adjust the amount of dinner!

The way you eat at night also affects the accumulation of body fat. Try adjusting it by having dinner earlier or by reducing the amount of dinner and increasing the amount of breakfast or lunch.

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