Physical Activity Contributes To Health

Physical FitnessIn the physical aspect : strengthening the joints and the skeleton reduces the incidence of muscle strains and chronic back pain, and also contributes to improving balance and preventing falls.

Regular physical activity contributes to the reduction of risk factors for heart disease, improves the function of the cardiopulmonary system, helps to lower blood pressure and slow down the depletion of bone loss.

In the mental aspect :

The sport releases endorphins in the body that affect an uplifted mood, reduces anxiety and depression and helps clear noises and allow quality thinking time.

In the social aspect :

The activity is usually carried out in groups, which contributes a lot to the whole social issue since it is possible to meet new friends or maybe even start a new relationship.

When developing a training program for people in the third age, emphasis should be placed on cardiopulmonary endurance, strength and flexibility. The beginning should be gradual and relaxed, until the body gets used to the appropriate level of effort.

With the help of simple exercises that are adapted to age, it is possible to produce positive reactions that will contribute to slowing down the aging process and improving the functions of the body and mind.

Stretching the chest.

The exercise must be performed with a rubber band while sitting on a comfortable chair. Sit at the front end of the chair, with your back straight and knees bent and resting on the floor. Hold the strap on both sides with your hands at your sides, with the strap stretched behind your back on the back of the chair.

Stretch the band to the sides for about 5 seconds each time and return with full control to the starting point. Repeat the action about 15 times, while inhaling air when stretching the arms and exhaling when returning them.

When you feel that you have gotten stronger, you can try to hold for 10 seconds, increase the number of repetitions and even change to a stronger rubber band.

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