Muscle Flexibility Exercise

Female exerciseThe exercise should be performed while standing next to a comfortable chair. Stand in a light stance with the back of the chair at your side and place one hand on it for support. Stretch and lift the far leg from the support to the side of your body. Leave the leg in the air for about 4 seconds and bring it back down. Repeat about 10 times, switch sides and repeat with the other leg.

If the exercise is too difficult, it can be performed sitting, with one leg placed on the floor and the other raised in the air.

Squats with hands together:

Sit on the chair without leaning on the backrest, with your arms crossed on the chest, then go down a little back to the backrest and backup forward. The exercise strengthens your abdominal muscles and improves posture.

Abdominal oblique’s: following the exercise you did before, sit on the chair and put your hands on your ears. When you step forward, your elbow should almost touch the opposite knee. That is, once the right elbow touches the knee of the left leg, and vice versa the left elbow touches the knee of the right leg.

Lifting the knees and touching with the elbow:

This is a reverse exercise to the previous ones – you must lean back all the way on the support, and each time lift a different knee up and towards the chest. If you want to add, you can touch your elbows with the opposite leg every time.

Static challenge: while sitting on the chair, you can hold the back of the chair next to you and try to lift 2 legs. It is recommended to perform this exercise in a controlled environment, with a mattress or carpet on the floor and with another person in the room, in case of loss of balance.

These exercises can be performed with the help of 1-2 kg weights in each hand, or a rubber band such as a truant, or without any equipment at all.

Cardiopulmonary endurance exercises:

Developing cardiopulmonary endurance (anaerobic fitness) in the third age is possible even during very moderate activity. Physical activity of at least 30 minutes each time, at least three times a week, is sufficient to develop cardiopulmonary endurance and improve the quality of life.

You can easily find physical activity suitable for every age and every person. It is important to emphasize that physical activity such as folk dancing, gardening and intensive housework is also considered an activity of an aerobic nature, thus helping to develop cardiopulmonary endurance. The physical activity can also be a par-excellence sports activity such as walking, running, swimming or cycling.

So it’s time to get off the couch, meet new friends and maintain a stimulating and healthy physical activity.

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