Do You Need To Eat To Lose Weight?

Healthy WomanThere are a lot of miracle diets around us and very little common sense. The voice in your head is whispering to you that a diet consisting only of yogurt and fruits… perhaps not the best option. It also tells you that the best way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume.

Everything he says is true! And for this you need to move a little more And watch your diet a little more. Just a little, we promise! Our task is not to harm ourselves, but to acquire good habits … and patience. Continue reading “Do You Need To Eat To Lose Weight?”

Muscle Flexibility Exercise

Female exerciseThe exercise should be performed while standing next to a comfortable chair. Stand in a light stance with the back of the chair at your side and place one hand on it for support. Stretch and lift the far leg from the support to the side of your body. Leave the leg in the air for about 4 seconds and bring it back down. Repeat about 10 times, switch sides and repeat with the other leg.

If the exercise is too difficult, it can be performed sitting, with one leg placed on the floor and the other raised in the air. Continue reading “Muscle Flexibility Exercise”

Physical Activity Contributes To Health

Physical FitnessIn the physical aspect : strengthening the joints and the skeleton reduces the incidence of muscle strains and chronic back pain, and also contributes to improving balance and preventing falls.

Regular physical activity contributes to the reduction of risk factors for heart disease, improves the function of the cardiopulmonary system, helps to lower blood pressure and slow down the depletion of bone loss. Continue reading “Physical Activity Contributes To Health”