What is the Effect of Slow Jogging?

 slow jogging

Slow jogging is, as the name suggests, running slowly. By running slowly enough to talk with the person running next to you, the load on your body is small and you can continue training happily without accumulating fatigue, so it is perfect for beginners. There are many benefits to the body, such as improving blood circulation throughout the body through slow jogging. This time I will introduce it in detail.

If you make slow jogging a habit, the whole body will be activated and stress will be relieved, so the balance of female hormones will become more and more stable. In addition, continuous exercise puts a load on the muscles, so that you can sleep soundly from comfortable fatigue, and the quality of sleep gradually improves.

Slow jogging is a simple exercise that makes you feel comfortable with your body and mind, so it is recommended for people who have difficulty continuing their exercise.

To put it simply, the autonomic nerve is a nerve that controls movements such as the heart and blood flow that cannot be moved by one’s own will. The mysterious disorder may be caused by the disorder of the autonomic nerves.

Although exercise is good for the autonomic nerves, strenuous exercise makes the exercise shallow and NG. Slow jogging does not put a burden on the body and allows you to breathe slowly and deeply, so it is ideal for adjusting the autonomic nerves. It is possible to promote blood flow while keeping the parasympathetic nerve high.

The speed of rotation of the head is the ability necessary to solve various problems. By turning your head faster, you can acquire judgment and decision-making ability, improve work efficiency, and quickly grasp the main points of the other party’s story.

If your head doesn’t work, slow jogging or walking can improve blood flow in your body and rejuvenate your brain. In addition, you can refresh your mood and clear your head.

It is said that exercising will make you feel comfortable and tired, so you will naturally fall asleep at night.

As the legs are called the second heart, moving the calf muscles in particular improves blood circulation throughout the body and has the effect of improving metabolism.

Approximately 60% of the muscles of the whole body are attached to the legs, and moving the legs by slow jogging etc. is effective for effective dieting!

Even on days when you tend to stay home, you can get a good night’s sleep and get a deep sleep by getting into the habit of moving your body even a little, such as taking a walk in the neighborhood or doing slow jogging at the end of lunch break or work. You will get it.

Daily exercise such as slow jogging improves blood circulation and activates the intestines, which has the advantage of preventing constipation and hemorrhoids.

Try to reset your body clock with a regular life and moderate exercise so that you can rest well.

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