Why You Should Walk More Often

Walk Walking is the simplest and easiest way to improve your health, fitness and even lose weight. You don’t have to buy expensive equipment or pay a fitness instructor to just walk. This type of physical activity is useful for almost everyone, regardless of health status or age. You just need to choose your route and time. Continue reading “Why You Should Walk More Often”

9 Exercises to Strengthen the Muscles of the Back.

The spring-summer season is approaching, the time for cycling and working weekends in the country. Doctors recommend effective exercises to strengthen the region. They can be performed for prevention, and when the back already aches under stress. Continue reading “9 Exercises to Strengthen the Muscles of the Back.”

What is the Effect of Slow Jogging?

 slow jogging

Slow jogging is, as the name suggests, running slowly. By running slowly enough to talk with the person running next to you, the load on your body is small and you can continue training happily without accumulating fatigue, so it is perfect for beginners. There are many benefits to the body, such as improving blood circulation throughout the body through slow jogging. This time I will introduce it in detail. Continue reading “What is the Effect of Slow Jogging?”

What you need to know before going to Yoga

YogaBefore starting Yoga, beginners face many questions. How do I choose the right type of yoga for me? Are classes safe for the untrained body? Is it possible not to go to the gym, but to study online from home? Healthy People asked these and other questions to yoga trainer Kristina.

How to understand the types of yoga and choose your direction Continue reading “What you need to know before going to Yoga”

Abdominal Fat: How to Eliminate It with 15 Infallible Remedies.

Abdominal Fat
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What is adipose tissue and why does abdominal fat form to identify the actual causes relating to the formation of abdominal fat, it is necessary to understand what is meant by adipose tissue, the absolute protagonist of the disease in question.

This is the deposit of triglycerides, and is formed by the set of multiple cells, the so-called appositives, useful for the synthesis of the same triglycerides and their release in the form of glycerol plus fatty acids. It is the nutritional condition that establishes the orientation of the adipose towards a specific metabolic pathway. Continue reading “Abdominal Fat: How to Eliminate It with 15 Infallible Remedies.”