Why Do Thin People Stay Thin And Fat People Stay Fat?

Why Do Thin People Stay Thin And Fat People Stay Fat?It is said that thin people never stop losing weight, and fat people never start losing weight. I think this sentence is very right. If you want to lose weight, you can’t just rely on the rush of blood for a while. You should treat weight loss as a living habit.

Seven points full, no matter how much you want to eat, you must immediately shut up. To be honest, friends often say that I am thin, and I have never deliberately lost weight, but I find that every time I am full, I feel guilty if I continue to eat, and this feeling of guilt will make me stop eating.

In fact, weight loss is the relationship between body intake and consumption. It’s not that you won’t gain weight just by being a vegetarian. You must know that many herbivores are also very large in size. The fat on your body is like saving money. If you eat more and exercise less, the unconsumed food will be converted into meat and stored. If you eat less and exercise more, your body will convert your meat into calories. Use up. If you want to lose weight, keep your mouth shut and open your legs.

It’s still very important to have a little bit of meat. It is also important to encounter major diseases. The fat person will become thin after the disease, and the thin person will boast. Fat is not useless, and it can help you boil it during the critical period when you are sick and unable to eat.

It is also very important to exercise if you want to lose weight. The scope of exercise is wide, such as running, swimming, yoga, dancing, etc. After comparative analysis, dancing is very suitable for various needs of human psychology and physiology. You can also make friends, you can show yourself in beautiful clothes, and you can learn a skill to rhythm with music, so men, women and children like dancing.

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