What Are the Key Points for Health Promotion In Your 20s?

Flat BellyFew people in their twenties may still think seriously about health, but this age is an important time to lay the foundation for health promotion.

I will explain the troubles that are likely to occur in the 20s and the points of health promotion.

Health problems that are likely to occur in the 20s

Many people in their twenties leave their parents’ homes and start living alone, or reach a milestone in their lives, such as employment and marriage. It is a time when the rhythm of life tends to be disturbed due to major changes in the environment. It is necessary to be careful because the life of night and day reversal and the disorder of eating habits not only affect the physical condition but also the mental state.

Also, in the 20s, even if you have health concerns, you tend to be alert, saying, I’m still young, so it’s okay. However, from this time onward, things that were overwhelmed gradually accumulated, and it often surfaced as a serious trouble in the 40s and 50s. If you feel unwell or find a problem in your health checkup, don’t leave it alone and start working on it.

Things to watch out for in your 20s

Among the various issues for health promotion, the following points should be noted, especially in the 20s.

Be aware of a nutritionally balanced diet

People in their twenties are in a period when their eating habits are more likely to be disturbed due to changes in their living environment.

For example, if you don’t have breakfast because you don’t have enough time, or if you skip a meal for dieting purposes, not only will you not be able to replenish the energy you need, but you may also be more likely to gain weight. Also, if you rely solely on convenience stores and fast food from your twenties, it can cause nutritional imbalances.

Three meals It may be difficult to have a well-balanced diet, but foremost, one meal a day is fine, so try to have a nutritionally balanced diet, such as incorporating vegetables. In addition, it is recommended to set a meal time and make it a habit, such as getting up early to secure breakfast time and finishing dinner at least 2 hours before going to bed.

Eating a well-balanced diet from this time will lead to stable lifestyle rhythms and health promotion in the future.

Tobacco is harmful and has no advantage

In their twenties, smoking is permitted by law, and some people start smoking with interest. However, it is universally recognized that smoking causes various illnesses such as lung cancer and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), as it is said that tobacco is harmful and has no benefit. Furthermore, it is said that as smoking becomes a habit, you may fall into a state where you cannot help smoking (nicotine addiction).

Once you become addicted, it will be difficult for you to quit smoking on your own initiative, so be aware that you should not smoke in your twenties. To prevent smoking in your twenties, stay away from the places where you are interested and even sell. At the same time, it is also important not to get it from the smoker.

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